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5 Things That Make the Bumble Dating App Different

A screenshots of a bunch of dating apps on someone's phone including the Bumble dating app.

For many of us, choosing a dating app can be an intimidating thing. Do you download all of them? Some of them? Which ones are the right fit for us? Which ones are going to help us find just exactly what we’re looking for? It can be overwhelming to navigate the dating apps and make those choices. It’s easy to download and swipe and not think about it, but if you want to take dating seriously, putting extra thought into which app is the right one can be a lot of pressure.

Since 2014, Bumble has been on the dating scene and has earned itself a top spot for many reasons. If you’re new to Bumble or dating apps, you may wonder just how it differs from some of the other options out there. Let us help break down what makes the Bumble dating app different.

First of all, there are a couple of options when you download Bumble.
Of course, there’s a dating feature, but there’s also a feature for just making friends. If you’re here for dating, we (obviously) recommend selecting the dating feature.

Women have to message first.
What Bumble is arguably most known for is the fact that women have to reach out to their matches before men can chat with them. If you’re a woman seeking woman, Bumble Dating will prompt whoever swiped second to “make it a match” to be the person who reaches out.

You can be verified.
Bumble allows users to be “verified,” which is different than being verified on Twitter or Instagram. Verification doesn’t mean you are a famous or well-known person, it’s just a way to assure that you are who you say you are. To get verified, you just have to take a selfie within the app so they can match your facial features to your pictures. Less catfishing this way!

There’s an expiration on matches.
Unlike some of the other dating apps, there’s an expiration when it comes to Bumble. After 24 hours, if you have yet to reach out to your matches, they will expire—which essentially means you “missed your chance” to strike up a conversation with them. If you don’t want your matches to disappear, start a simple conversation within the first 24 hours.

You can pay for Bumble Dating.
Most dating apps have a paid feature at this point. With Bumble Boost, you get a few special features that serious daters might be interested in. With the Beeline paid feature, you can see who has liked you even before you have (or have not) swiped on them. Rematch is another paid feature that allows expired matches to be extended for another 24 hours. As aforementioned, you’ll lose your matches after 24 hours—if you want to take your time, paying for Rematch is probably worth your time. There are other paid features (Busy Bee, Coins, Superswipes) that are also great for people who are serious about dating or just want to spend more time on the app.

As dating apps keep popping up and more and more people are using them, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re looking for. There’s an old stigma that Tinder is for hookups; though naturally that can be true for multiple apps. Bumble is truly a great combination of something like Tinder (can be for a quick hookup, can be for a relationship) and Match or OkCupid—two dating websites that are a little more well known for people who are looking for something serious. If you’re interested in Bumble, especially if you’re a woman who prefers to take initiative or just don’t want to be berated with messages from strangers, it’s a great choice. Happy swiping!

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