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Is Bumble for Hookups?

A guy looking for a bumble hookup, on the app texting with someone.

Have you ever heard of anyone having a Bumble hookup? It’s not primarily what the app is known for. When you say “Bumble,” you probably immediately think of a few things: bumblebees, the color yellow, and the fact that women reach out to men or there will be no conversation. Bumble is well known for letting women take the lead, which is a great. A lot of people have seen great success using Bumble.

Bumble Hookup Culture: Does it Exist?

Dating can be frustrating, but let’s be honest, most of us are at least passively drawn to it. What’s out there for each of us? Who will we meet? Is this the one? Are they going to change my life or just be a really good time? Dating has only somehow become more interesting with the introduction of dating apps. There are so many to choose from now, and while each app seems to have its different angle, it’s still hard to figure out which app is for which purpose.

Most of us have heard that Tinder is an app just for hookups. Regardless of whether or not it started out that way, intentionally or not, it’s clear that Tinder is no longer just an app to hook up. There are countless people who have met, fallen in love, married, and started families that met on Tinder. Sure, there are plenty of people who use Tinder and other apps who are just looking to hook up, but that doesn’t mean that it’s only for hookups.

But what about Bumble? Is a Bumble hookup a thing?

According to Bumble itself, probably not. In a detailed survey released in April of 2018, Bumble stated that its users were looking for, “lasting relationships and empowered connections.” The survey went on to state that 85% of its users are looking for a solid relationship, and even marriage. The people using Bumble also feel very comfortable with its women-first approach. 63% of men use Bumble because the women make the first move and a whopping 97% of women have messaged at least one of their matches in the previous 30 days.

The most telling statistic in the survey Bumble released? How few people are looking to hook up. According to Bumble, only 4% of its users want to just hookup. That’s not to say that people swiping away on Bumble don’t want to hook up at all; it means they want more than just a one night situation.

It seems clear that Bumble doesn’t want to be viewed as a hookup app, which definitely matters as far as branding and marketing goes. The more Bumble declares itself as an app for serious daters, the more people just looking to hook up will probably stay away from it.

That all being said, the way you date is up to you. If someone just wants a Bumble hookup, more power to them. The most important thing to remember is to be clear and open about what you’re looking for. No matter what app you’re on, leading someone on or being disingenuous about what you’re looking for is not a kind or healthy thing to do.

Swipe away, even if you’re looking for just a Bumble hookup – just be aware that according to the app, 96% of its users may want something just a bit more involved.

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