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Bumble Review: An In-Depth Look at The Buzziest Dating App

Whether you’ve used them all or are new to online dating, you’ve heard of Bumble. But, with a million and one options to meet people, how does it fare against the competition?

Here’s an in-depth Bumble review, so you can make your decision if the buzziest dating app is for you.

Bumble can be used for relationships, or just to make friends.
The friendship version of the app is called “Bumble BFF,” and it’s hoping to unite women who are just looking to grab a coffee or hang out, with no element of romance. Women actually have a lot of control in Bumble, especially when looking for love. For women seeking men. they’re the ones who need to send the first message to their match. Otherwise that match expires.

Photos undergo moderation.
If you try to use a photo of your dog, or your top knot in order to stay anonymous, you might be bumped by the moderating team. Bumble really pushes for users to express their true selves. They also want a photo of just you, and not your group of girlfriends. You probably have a ton of selfies you can use. You can also import a lot of your information from Facebook.

You’ll need to have your location turned on.
If having that setting on makes you worried, Bumble may not be for you. Yes, it’s a slight invasion of privacy — but it also helps ensure that you are who you say you are. There’s nothing worse than chatting with a potential soulmate and then realizing they’re not in the state they’ve claimed.

They also want to help you find a good career.
Aside from Bumble and Bumble BFF, there’s also Bumble Bizz. This was created as a way to network with others regarding your career. In order to access this part of the app, you’ll want to select “networking” while creating your user account. You can flawlessly use all three parts of the app by toggling, but in the beginning of sign up, they’ll ask you what your main goal is. 

The app was created as a way to change up the whole dating game.
Typical dating requires a guy to ask out a girl, and the girl to wait by her phone for a weekend hoping he’ll text her back. Well, not anymore. Bumble’s main mission is to make it clear that women today are capable and ready to make the first move more often. Truth be told, guys don’t seem to mind when women are open about being into them. 

Profile Prompts help you find your perfect match.
In order to get a good idea of the people out there, Bumble gives users prompts such as, “My dream dinner guest is…” and “My 3rd grade teacher described me as…” They’re meant to be fun, and serve as perfect ice breakers when trying to meet your match. That much effort means that Bumble isn’t as much of a hookup app as Tinder is. If you’re looking for a quick connection and not a long-term romance, you should choose the latter.

But, Bumble still offers up the chance to hook up with someone casually.
On your profile, you can openly state whether or not you’re looking for a relationship, a casual hangout, or marriage. That way, you and your potential match are immediately on the same page before you even start to interact. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there’s an option for that as well. 

You can also connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts.
It’s easy to do, and a great way to give your potential matches a good idea of how often you use social media, and what music you’re actually into. All in all, the profiles have a lot of fields, meaning that there’s a better chance for you to form a long-lasting connection instead of a brief fling.

How does Bumble compare to other apps?
For the take-charge woman, it’s a perfect way to gain more control over the seemingly uncontrollable world of online dating. Since you make the first moves, guys will know right off the bat if you’re into them. And even if Bumble doesn’t work out in finding a long term partner, you may be able to find either a friend or an amazing job opportunity by networking through the app.

For men, it’s more like a standard app.
For them, they just get to swipe. That fact alone might attract them to this particular dating app over others — they get to look and peruse profiles without any pressure. If a match messages them, all the better. 

It’s also available on the web, if you prefer scrolling that way.
Bumble Web is a newer feature that’ll allow you to chat and match with connections, just in case you’d rather type on an actual keyboard than text. So if you’re not great at texting, or feel the need to proofread what you send on a larger screen, Bumble may end up being your favorite dating app. 

Since Bumble is a free app — using upgrades like Bumble Boost, which allows you to rematch with expired matches, to help make money — it’s worth a shot, even if you’ve previously sworn off online dating. You never know when true love may strike, so downloading Bumble is in your best interest. Also, since the prompts are so fun to fill out, it may take some of the stress away from online dating altogether. Fill out a profile, and see where it leads you — you’ve got nothing to lose. 

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