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The Unwritten Bumble Rules To Actually Enjoy Online Dating

Online dating has just as many rules as dating in person does, if not more! When it comes to Bumble, most of them are unwritten dating rules that might take some time to figure out. Don’t be surprised if you’re unable to find someone to connect with right away. You might simply be making a few of these mistakes that are pushing potential matches away.

Instead, it’s time to revamp your profile and reassess your Bumble strategy. The overall secret is being authentically yourself. Once you show your genuine personality, you’ll begin to attract someone who fits who you truly are.

Most importantly, have some fun. Online dating should be a fun experience. That’s why you shouldn’t be scared to add a little spice to your approach. It’s time to let your true personality shine from the way you present yourself online!

The Bumble Rules You Want to Know:  

Always Ask a Question in Your Opening Message

There is nothing more boring that receiving a message from someone saying “Hey! How are you?”. If you’re willing to send a message like that, don’t be surprised to receive a generic answer. Or even, to be completely ignored.

The best way to catch someone’s attention is to be creative. Don’t just send a boring greeting, but instead use an original opening line. If you feel absolutely stuck on what your opening message should be, consider bringing up a detail in the person’s profile.

You might want to ask them a question about themselves or bring up a common interest that you both have. Don’t be scared to show your personality and get to know the person that you’re talking to. Most of all, have a little fun with your opening line!

Be Open to Different Possible Matches

When we approach someone in person it’s usually based on their physical appearance. Using online dating websites, like Bumble, allows us to overlook the physical aspect more and instead get a glimpse of someone’s personality. That’s why you should be a little bit more open to potential matches when online dating as you never know who you’ll genuinely connect with.

 If you base your interest in someone only on their physical appearance, you’ll often find yourself disappointed in the long run. Instead, be more open to really getting to know someone. You never know who you’ll form a connection with and perhaps find yourself falling head over heels for.

Don’t limit your choices just because someone doesn’t fit the ideal person that you created in your head. When you open yourself up to different possible matches, you increase your chances of finding a real connection.

 The Most Important of Bumble Rules: Relax

One of the key unwritten Bumble rules that is often overlooked is to not take the process too seriously. Everyone goes into online dating for their own personal reasons, so it’s totally fine to find out that someone is looking for something completely different than what you desire. That’s why it’s important to go into online dating with an open attitude and not take things too seriously.

Try not to take it personally if the person you’re talking to decides to completely stop answering and disappear. Even if it seems like the conversation was going well, someone might just feel like the person they’re chatting with isn’t for them.

It’s important to not take the process too seriously and instead have fun with it. If someone you’ve been chatting with decides to fall off the face of the earth, don’t go looking for them! Don’t take it personally, and instead be happy that someone decided to stop wasting your time.

Include Your Social Media Profiles

While the app might not apply this rule, it’s definitely in the unwritten Bumble rules that your social media profiles could improve your profile success. It gives your potential matches the opportunity to take a look at your online persona. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the way you portray yourself to the world shows a little bit about what you’re like.

If you think that your potential matches aren’t going to try to find your social media profiles anyway, you’re in for a surprise! Instead, be upfront about your online presence and list it in your bio.

While it totally makes sense that you might want to keep those two aspects of your life separate, you might want to reconsider. Be open with who you truly are, and you’ll find yourself attracting the right person for you.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll find your perfect match following these unwritten dating rules, we can promise that you’ll get more out of the experience if you incorporate them into the mix and it can give your fun factor a big boost! 

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