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Is Bumble Free? How To Save While Swiping

Woman using mobile phone while having a coffee to check is Bumble free?

While we all want to meet a love match, not all of us can afford it. There are pros and cons about choosing a dating service you have to pay for. The positive is that everyone there is more likely to be serious about finding someone. The negative? If you fail to connect with anyone, you’re technically losing money.

 Bumble is one of the most intriguing dating apps out there. One of the reasons is because it’s not just used for dating — it’s also used for friendships and business connections. Their slogan of “Date, Meet, Network Better” makes it obvious that they want to be your go-to app for generally connecting with other individuals. But is Bumble free?

Is Bumble Free? The Good News

The good news is that if you want to chat, the app is completely free. Bumble is a lot like Tinder, in that it involves swiping. But, there’s one thing that’s different – women are in charge. This is great since if you’ve ever been a woman on a dating app, you know that your inbox will often get cluttered by “what’s up” messages and other more unsavory versions that might be a bit too forward (such as lewd photos and jokes.) By choosing who to message first, women will feel a little less like prey and have the power to decide who to contact

Is Bumble Free? The Upgrades

However, there are a few upgrades you can buy. If Bumble was completely free, it wouldn’t be a successful business. The company makes money with add-on features., including Bumble Boost. According to the Bumble website, Boost allows viewers a few perks, like checking out your “Beeline” (or everyone who right-swiped you), extending the time of your matches, and even rematching with matches that might have expired due to inactivity.

Bumble Coins are also part of the app. If you choose to buy Bumble Coins, you can unlock other features, such as Spotlight and SuperSwipe. Curious about SuperSwipe? It’s a feature that lets you notify the people you really like and make them aware that you’re serious about this potential match. Spotlight makes your profile more viewable, which is great if you’re not getting a lot of activity.

So, what happens if you sign up for Bumble Boost and don’t like it? If that’s the case, you can unsubscribe from the service. But, purchases are non-refundable, so you won’t be able to get your money back, if you’ve tried it for a few days and aren’t a fan. 

Is Bumble Free? Trial It 

The best way to know whether or not you want to pay is to try out the free version first. If you like the app, enjoy the way it works and like the matches, then it makes sense to “invest” in your love life and upgrade for the paid perks. Add-ons are also great if you plan on using Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz, the latter which functions a little more like LinkedIn. But there’s still a lot you can do on it for free. You have full access to matches and chatting for free, so unless you want the full package, there’s no need to have to upgrade. 

Still looking? There are also a bunch of other free dating sites to check out. Tinder, OkCupid, and PlentyOfFish also offer a free standard format for finding love. But, like Bumble, they have additional subscriptions you can purchase to make online dating somewhat easier.

If you’ve come up short with dating, you might just want to jump into a paid service. When people pay for things, they’re much more serious about them. That means they’ll be checking their inbox and matches much more. With free sites, people might forget to log in for months or only check-in when they’re bored. The best sites that might require you to invest a little more include Zoosk, Match, and eHarmony.

If you’re still wary of online dating, don’t worry — you’re not the only one. The good news is, in-person dating and blind dates haven’t completely phased out. They may be more uncommon, but you can still meet others through traditional methods. Friends and family members who love to play matchmaker will always be a great resource when it comes to meeting someone new. By going out, you might also find the love of your life without pulling out a credit card or logging on to any type of service. At the same time, Bumble is free, fun and a great way to meet new people if you’re ready to put yourself out there! Find what works best for you, keep an open heart and mind and you never know who you’ll meet! 

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