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Have you experienced this moment before? You sign up for a dating site, you put in your name, give you age and height, find a great photo. You’re on a roll and getting excited to meet people when you get to the written section and you suddenly come to a screeching halt. Bottom line, it’s hard to write a dating profile. Some sites like Plenty of Fish (also known as POF) give you the opportunity to write a short headline, which can be a great way to catch someone’s eye, but it’s hard to boil yourself down to one sentence. That’s why I’m here to help.

If you want to write a pof headline that makes you stand out from the crowd, here are a few POF headlines for women along with a few quick tips to help you write your own.

1. Don’t say something just because it sounds good.
This should go without saying but I’m going to say it anyway, any profile headline you write should be a reflection of who you are. If you’re not very flirty but have a great idea for a flirty headline, you might want to think about something that’s a bit more true to who you are. On the flip side, if you like being a little sexy and flirty, don’t be afraid to let that part of you shine. Online dating is about attracting someone who’s going to be attracted to you too.

I make the best guacamole you’ve ever tasted.
Work hard, play hard, live strong.
I’m a little bit country, and a lot rock and roll.
I like to think of myself as a not-so-hopeless romantic.

2. Share something random about yourself.
The point of a headline is to stand out and get attention so if you do the same old “Single mom looking for someone special” you may get lost in the crowd. Instead of using the old personals format of “Single female looking for…” in your POF headline, try pulling out a random fact about yourself. Even if it’s a little silly or weird, the right guy will find it delightful.

I can drink coffee at 9:30 and still go to bed at 10:00.
My favorite song is Love Me Like a Rock. What’s yours?
Sometimes I miss nap time and recess.
I’m a sucker for a good smile and a man who can dance.

3. Don’t be afraid to get a little philosophical.
Sometimes people are afraid to get real in a dating profile, but it’s those moments that can really attract someone to you. Make an effort to give more than a surface-level introduction. Be honest about who you are and your philosophy in life. If you have something to say about your beliefs, then say it.

Taking every day for what it is… wonderful.
I don’t trust people who say they don’t have regrets.
I’m still trying to figure out what I believe in.
Following God’s path. Excited where it will take me.

4. List your favorite things.
One of the easiest ways to make a great headline is by listing off a few of your favorite things. They can be big or small, important or trivial, but it’s the small details about the things you enjoy that can help tell someone more about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Flip flops, the smell of sunscreen, and someone like you.
Lazy Sundays, family dinners, and red vines.
My dog, my hiking boots, my kind of day.
Country music, home cooking, and tired kids.

5. Reference something you love. 
Do you have a favorite book, movie, or TV show you can quote at the drop of a hat? Use one of your favorite song lyrics or a joke from a good movie. You can quote it word-for-word or put your own spin on it.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
You know how to whistle don’t you?
My apartment smells of rich mahogany.
You think you know but you have no idea.

Coming up with the perfect POF headline can be hard but it’s also a chance to be a little creative. Try different headlines and see what feels best. You never know what might attract the right guy’s eye.

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8 Signs He’s Losing Interest and What to Do About It Thu, 16 Nov 2017 09:00:37 +0000 Is he vague and indecisive about making plans? Could be something's up.

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It’s happened to a lot of us, both men and women—You thought things were going really great until, suddenly, they weren’t. So now you’re left wondering what happened. It’s hard when you start getting really excited out someone, only to have them lose interest. You start wondering if it’s you and if there’s anything you can do to reel them back. If you’re wondering what the signs he’s losing interest are, here are eight things men do when they’re beginning to slip away and what (if anything) you should do about it.

1. He’s making excuses.
In the beginning, he was all about you—when you called he ran. Now, he’s working late, has to run errands, isn’t feeling well, or always has an excuse every time you ask to do something. Typically, whenever someone gives you a reason for why they can’t do something, what they’re really telling you is they don’t want to do that thing or that it isn’t a priority for them. If you see this happening a lot, it could be a big sign he’s not as into the relationship as he once was.

2. He’s not as responsive on this phone.
You both use to text all day long and talk every night, and now he barely responds to a text and never calls you back. He may simply not be interested in chatting with you anymore or he could be talking to someone else. Either way, it’s a clear sign he’s losing interest in hearing from you.

3. He’s become defensive and rude.
When the nice, sweet man you fell for starts ignoring you, hurls insults, and gets sarcastic, it’s a big red flag. If he starts putting the blame on you when you become upset by saying things like, “If you don’t like then don’t be with me,” or “I always used to spend Saturday nights with the guys,” he’s definitely losing interest.

4. He stops asking questions.
Asking questions helps someone learn more about who you are as a person. From knowing your favorite band to hearing about a good day, when the person you’re with asks you about things he or she is learning your likes and how you feel, and are showing their interest in you. When your man stops asking how you’re doing, how do you like your burger, what do you think about this movie… it’s a sign he’s stopped caring.

5. He’s more vague and indecisive.
When a man becomes vague about what his plans are, what he wants to do, or if he wants to go out or not, it’s often a sign that he’s not looking forward to seeing you and is even avoiding it. If he stops sharing his plans with you and then you find out he’s been going out with his friends or family, then it’s a big sign he’s losing or has lost interest. He clearly isn’t making time for you when he has plenty of it.

6. There’s no sex.
The nights you’re together, instead of getting hot and heavy in the sheets, he’s been falling asleep faster than a baby. And when you try to initiate, he says he’s tired and rolls over. You start to think, When was the last time we had sex? Then you start thinking, When was the last time we kissed, hugged or held hands? When this happens, it’s a sign he’s no longer physically or emotionally interested in you.

7. You’re only having sex.
On the flip side, he could still be showing other signs of losing interest but still having sex with you because he knows he can satisfy that urge. It doesn’t mean he’s still emotionally and even physically interested in you if the sex is till there. If it feels more like an act and he’s more concerned about satisfying himself and not you, he’s not really interested in the relationship anymore.

8. The relationship is stagnate.
If he’ still hanging around and you’re still meeting up, but it feels more friendly than romantic, it can be that the flame he had for you has gone out and he’s losing interest. It might feel like the relationship has been flat-lining lately with no ups. Almost like boredom. Sometimes, when a man loses interest he isn’t necessarily mean or neglectful, he’s just not all there.

Ok, so what do you do about it?
So, you’ve picked up these signs and are wondering how to proceed. Many would say that if you’re noticing a guy is losing interest in you, why fight it? But, sometimes there are other things going on in his life that make him seem distant and not interested. It’s always difficult to have a serious talk about feelings, but it’s also important to let him know how you’re feeling and to give him a chance to tell you the same. Try talking to him to see what’s going on. If he opens up and there’s good communication, it may not be an issue with the relationship at all. But if he’s not willing to open up and makes himself more distant, then it’s time to move on to somebody else.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already unsatisfied and worried about the direction things are going. If he’s not caring for you and being present in the relationship in the way you need, and won’t even discuss why not, you deserve more. It’s never easy walking away, but spending your time and energy on someone who’s not spending time or energy on you can be much harder.

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Signs That He Likes You: All the Little Things Guys Do Fri, 10 Nov 2017 09:00:47 +0000 Does he text you in the morning?

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Are you wondering if the guy you’re interested in likes you too? We all wonder this after a first or second date. And it’s hard to know! (Am I right ladies?) Well, I’m here to help you answer those questions you continue to ask yourself after that second or third date with someone special. Men certainly have their own language that they use to show that they like you. There are always signs a man gives that he likes you, even if it’s the smallest gesture he’ll find ways to show your how much he cares about you. So let me share four things that men do that can help you know if he likes you. Remember you are a fantastic woman!

Here are the four signs that he likes you to watch out for:

Sign #1: He texts you in the morning.
If a guy likes you, he will pretty much drop line after line on your iPhone after only your second date. This usually means he’s interested in you and wants to meet up for dinner or drinks. It goes something like this: After his first text, you text him back confirming that Wednesday is the best day for you to meet for lunch this week. Then he texts you again in the afternoon during lunch to see how your day is coming along after dinner plans have been set. Later he texts you again to ask if you’ve started to watch season two of Stranger Things. Not a bad way at all to start a conversation and a great sign that he likes you.

Eleven would heartily agree with a small nosebleed.

Sign #2: pri·or·i·ty
Noun: priority
The fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.

1. This special someone may stand at the door upon your arrival to the restaurant.

2. He offers to pay for dinner when it’s time to close out that tab he opened with his Chase Sapphire card.

3. He lets you choose which movie you want to stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, and AppleTV.

4. He makes plans with you on the weekend and even lets you select the brunch spot of your choice.

5. He sends smiling emojis to your phone after you text him back saying you had a great time last night.

Basically, he lets you know that he’s putting you first.

Sign #3: He goes out of his way to impress you.
After four dates and lots of texts, gifs, screenshots, the guy you’re into manages to secure a Saturday night date and he makes dinner for you at his place. This is a big deal. He’s awaiting your arrival at the front door. It must be a sign he’s excited to see you. He kisses you on the lips with his arms wrapped around your shoulders. He even says he’s excited to see you and also tells you he bought white and red wine for you because the choice is all yours. And so you choose the red wine, which is entirely out of your comfort zone. (After all you are a rosé girl at heart.)

Any guy who buys more then two different types of wine is a smart guy period, and wants to impress you and show you how confident and comfortable he is to be around you.

Sign #4: They value your opinions and insights.
When a guy really likes you, he values your opinion and wants to know more about you. Ladies, I’m sure you’ve been caught off guard when these questions have been asked. But they can be a real sign he’s interested in you. Questions he may ask you are:

1. Basketball or baseball?

2. What are you working on at work?

3. What gym do you go to?

4. How do you feel about the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones?

Any time you’re starting something new with someone you’re really interested in, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. It’s fun to look for signs that he likes you but don’t forget to send him some signals too!

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What Men in Their 30s Want in a Woman Mon, 06 Nov 2017 19:39:21 +0000 More so than men of other ages, guys in their 30s are interested in kids and family.

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Men in their 30s can be an interesting bunch—they’re old enough to have a good idea of what they want from a relationship but are young enough that they may still be exploring their options and playing the field. But what do men in their 30s really want in a woman?

It’s easy to make assumptions but to get some real answers, we turned to the popular online dating site Zoosk. They looked through thousands of profiles of men in their 30s to see what words they mention most often when describing what they’re looking for in a romantic interest and even talked to a few to get their insights.

What they found may surprise you…

What Men In Their 30s Want In a Woman
The Top 17 Words Mentioned While Describing Their Perfect Match

  1. fun
  2. honest
  3. laugh
  4. humor
  5. funny
  6. nice
  7. sense of humor
  8. smile
  9. caring
  10. open
  11. loving
  12. smart
  13. kids
  14. down to earth
  15. happy
  16. family
  17. to have fun

Men in their 30s value a fun women with a sense of humor.
The most popular characteristic for men in their 30s is fun. And a lot of the top words they used to describe the type of person they were looking for were similar in nature such as laugh, humor, funny, sense of humor, and to have fun. 

“One of the first things I enjoy, is a women who knows how to flirt,” explained one man. “Especially if we can make each other laugh in the process. If we start out on the right track with a little bit of flirting, I know we have chemistry.”

But they’re not just about fun, they want someone honest too.
Though they may be looking for a women they can flirt and have a good time with, men in their 30s also value honesty. So much so that it was the second most popular trait. Other popular phrases included caring, loving, and nice.

“I like women that act really nice and have a good heart as well as a good head on their shoulders,” said one man.

Family and kids are important to men in their 30s.
More so than any other age, men in their 30s mention family and kids while describing what they want in a potential partner. “I’m looking for a woman that cares about her family above anything else,” explained one man.

Men in their 30s want a woman who’s smart. 
Another popular trait among men in their 30s was smart. They aren’t just looking for a pretty face but someone who’s going to challenge them and who they can have a conversation with. “When a women can have a conversation with you and her eyes never leave yours, they have that confident, intelligent, sincere twinkle… I would walk over hot coals for that type of women,” said one dater.

In many ways men in their 30s are the sweet spot of dating—they’re still young enough to want to have a good time and be with someone fun, but are old enough to know that they want more than that.

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How to Know a Guy Likes You Wed, 01 Nov 2017 18:49:13 +0000 Do you know what emotional momentum is? It could be the key to knowing if he's into you or not.

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When you really like someone, it’s hard to take a chance on them if you’re not sure how they feel. To help you out we asked dating and relationship expert Mark Rosenfeld to give us a male-perspective on how to know a guy likes you. Does he think of you all the time? Does he consistently contact you? These could be just a few of the signs that he’s into you. Want to know the rest? Watch on.

Video Transcript: 

Hello, it’s Mark here from Make HimYours. Today, we’re talking about how to instantly tell if a guy has feelings for you.

All right, let me start this video by asking you one very simple question. When you like a guy, how often is that guy on your mind? A lot, right? And it’s exactly the same for men. When a man really likes you (when a man really likes a woman), you are on his mind constantly. So all you need to know, is exactly what he’s thinking, and you’ll instantly know if a guy likes you. Video done. If only if it were that easy, right?

Well you can’t know how often you’re on a guy’s mind precisely, but what you can do is look for something that reflects that. And the best, the most realistic way to know how often a guy is thinking about you, is to watch for his emotional momentum—ongoing and consistent contact. You see, the male brain is designed to perceive threats from other males. When he perceives you as a high-value woman, he’s going to think that other men will perceive you that way as well and want to steal your emotions away. He wants you to be thinking about him as much as he’s thinking about you.

So if he’s thinking about you all the time, he’s going to put in the ongoing and consistent contact in the form of emotional momentum to ensure that you are also thinking about him all the time. So this isn’t one great date and then he disappears for a week. This isn’t two amazing times together (or a couple days), and then he’s gone for a few days again. Emotional momentum is ongoing and consistent contact where a guy makes sure that he is on your mind. So, what do you look for in regards to emotional momentum?

Well look for the consistency, first and foremost. How consistent is he being? If it’s been a couple of dates, if you got to know the guy, and he’s keeping up at least daily contact, that is a strong indicator. It’s a lot of emotional momentum and it’s a strong indicator to instantly tell that a guy likes you.

In addition to this, how long has it been going on? If a guy has kept up emotional momentum for a week, it’s not going to be as significant as if he’s had two months emotional momentum with you. It’s going to instantly tell you he likes you if he’s had that much momentum.

Is he initiating cold himself? Remember, he wants to be on your mind. When a guy is thinking about you all the time, when a guy likes you, he wants you in the same state. So if he’s initiating cold 50% or more of the time to make sure he is on your mind, that is a very strong sign that his emotional momentum is right up there and that a guy really likes you.

And the final thing you can look for is depth with emotional momentum. So, how deep does he go with keeping up emotional momentum with you. Does he just send you a bland text every day that’s kind of, yeah he just wants to keep connecting, but it’s not that strong. Or is he calling you every second day and wanting to know about your life and wanting to tell you about his life, and maybe projecting to a future together and things he wants to do with you in the future. These are all really strong indicators, and the more you see of them, the more you can know that guy instantly likes you and read his mind from his emotional momentum.

So if you want to instantly tell if a guy likes you, look for how often you’re on his mind in the form of the emotional momentum that he puts into you. Look for how consistent is his contact, how long has his consistent contact been going on, does he initiate contact himself, and is he going into good depth with his emotional momentum. All of this will tell you how much he wants to stay on your mind and how much a guy likes you.

Well that’s it. Thanks for watching.

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Men Tell Us What They Want to See in a Dating Message Tue, 31 Oct 2017 08:00:18 +0000 You might want to try just saying hello.

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If you didn’t already know, men love it when women make the first move. In a recent survey of over 3,000 men on the online dating site and app Zoosk, 96% said they prefer it when a woman messages them first on a dating app. And what guy wouldn’t? When a woman approaches the guy first, it takes the pressure off of him and let’s him know she’s interested. But if you’re a woman trying to make the first move and message a man online, it’s hard to know what to say. 

Writing a first dating message can be tough, for a man or a woman, so we cut right to the chase and asked those same 3,000+ guys what they like to see in an online dating message.

Here’s what we found:

1. Just say hi.
The truth is, most men are pretty easy. The majority of men said the best way to start a conversation with them online is to just say hi. Because men get fewer messages than women, and are usually the first to pursue a conversation, any woman who takes the time to reach out first is already going to stand out. Because of that, even a simple hello can go a long way. 

2. Tell him what you like about his profile.
After saying hi, the second thing men said they want to hear is something about what you liked about him or what about him stood out to you. Did you like that he’s a big reader? Or recognize a location in one of his photos? Letting him know the little things about his profile or photos that drew your eye can be a great way to start a conversation while also giving him a small compliment.

3. Talk about yourself.
No really. Believe it or not, men listed sharing something about yourself as one of the top ways to break the ice while online dating. Maybe you’re new to the area, love baseball games, or are a total foodie—talking about the interesting things about yourself that can lead to a longer conversation can be a great way to start things off. 

So there you have it, three ways to break the ice with a man that aren’t very hard at all. Next time you find yourself interested in a guy but at a loss for what to say, consider what they’d like to hear. You may be surprised how easy it is to get thing rolling. 

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