How to Know a Guy Likes You

A woman who wants to know how to know if a guy likes you, smiling at the guy she likes and flirting.

When you really like someone, it’s hard to take a chance on them if you’re not sure how they feel. To help you out we asked dating and relationship expert Mark Rosenfeld to give us a male-perspective on how to know a guy likes you. Does he think of you all the time? Does he consistently contact you? These could be just a few of the signs that he’s into you. Want to know the rest? Watch on.

Video Transcript: 

Hello, it’s Mark here from Make HimYours. Today, we’re talking about how to instantly tell if a guy has feelings for you.

All right, let me start this video by asking you one very simple question. When you like a guy, how often is that guy on your mind? A lot, right? And it’s exactly the same for men. When a man really likes you (when a man really likes a woman), you are on his mind constantly. So all you need to know, is exactly what he’s thinking, and you’ll instantly know if a guy likes you. Video done. If only if it were that easy, right?

Well you can’t know how often you’re on a guy’s mind precisely, but what you can do is look for something that reflects that. And the best, the most realistic way to know how often a guy is thinking about you, is to watch for his emotional momentum—ongoing and consistent contact. You see, the male brain is designed to perceive threats from other males. When he perceives you as a high-value woman, he’s going to think that other men will perceive you that way as well and want to steal your emotions away. He wants you to be thinking about him as much as he’s thinking about you.

So if he’s thinking about you all the time, he’s going to put in the ongoing and consistent contact in the form of emotional momentum to ensure that you are also thinking about him all the time. So this isn’t one great date and then he disappears for a week. This isn’t two amazing times together (or a couple days), and then he’s gone for a few days again. Emotional momentum is ongoing and consistent contact where a guy makes sure that he is on your mind. So, what do you look for in regards to emotional momentum?

Well look for the consistency, first and foremost. How consistent is he being? If it’s been a couple of dates, if you got to know the guy, and he’s keeping up at least daily contact, that is a strong indicator. It’s a lot of emotional momentum and it’s a strong indicator to instantly tell that a guy likes you.

In addition to this, how long has it been going on? If a guy has kept up emotional momentum for a week, it’s not going to be as significant as if he’s had two months emotional momentum with you. It’s going to instantly tell you he likes you if he’s had that much momentum.

Is he initiating cold himself? Remember, he wants to be on your mind. When a guy is thinking about you all the time, when a guy likes you, he wants you in the same state. So if he’s initiating cold 50% or more of the time to make sure he is on your mind, that is a very strong sign that his emotional momentum is right up there and that a guy really likes you.

And the final thing you can look for is depth with emotional momentum. So, how deep does he go with keeping up emotional momentum with you. Does he just send you a bland text every day that’s kind of, yeah he just wants to keep connecting, but it’s not that strong. Or is he calling you every second day and wanting to know about your life and wanting to tell you about his life, and maybe projecting to a future together and things he wants to do with you in the future. These are all really strong indicators, and the more you see of them, the more you can know that guy instantly likes you and read his mind from his emotional momentum.

So if you want to instantly tell if a guy likes you, look for how often you’re on his mind in the form of the emotional momentum that he puts into you. Look for how consistent is his contact, how long has his consistent contact been going on, does he initiate contact himself, and is he going into good depth with his emotional momentum. All of this will tell you how much he wants to stay on your mind and how much a guy likes you.

Well that’s it. Thanks for watching.

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