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Put the Magic of the Holiday Season Into Your Relationship

A loving couple cuddling on a blanket during the holidays.

Christmastime is magical. The feeling is hard to explain in words. It’s a cozy, want to cuddle up by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa feeling. Inside, Christmas trees are strung with lights and ornaments which sparkle every night when you come home from work. In town and at retail shops, you are embraced by pine-scented candles and elaborate Christmas displays. It’s a season of joy and a season of love.

This year, carry the magic of the holiday season into your relationship and create an even closer partnership with these three tips.

1. Embrace A Holiday Mindset
Let the good vibes of the holiday season trickle into your relationship. If your partner starts complaining about a holiday to-do list or having to buy all those presents, send out holiday cards, decorate the house, and host friends and family for dinner and parties, remind your significant other that those things are what’s fun and special about this time of year.

You can even create a special occasion around one (or a few) of these holiday to-dos. Instead of going to Home Depot to get a Christmas tree, go on a date to a tree farm to cut down a tree of your own. Make a day of it by taking a drive through the countryside, drinking hot apple cider and finding a couple of new Christmas ornaments while you’re at it. Then help each other put up the tree, string the lights, and decorate it when you get it back to the house. Push play on some holiday music and light a few candles to turn it into a romantic evening you’ll both remember.

Doing things that celebrate the season make some of the absolute best date ideas. Not only will the two of you have fun together and enjoy that magical holiday feeling, but you’ll also help each other check things off of your to-do lists.

Start A New Tradition
Building holiday traditions together is a great way to grow your relationship. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or ostentatious, the simple things are often just as meaningful.

Courtney and John Hays of Johns Creek, Georgia, collect Christmas ornaments from the places they travel to together as a couple all year long. Then as they’re decorating their Christmas tree, they get to relive all their travel experiences over the years.

Ashley Sump of Minot, North Dakota, and her husband Brian choose to remember those important to their lives with a yearly tradition. “Every year at midnight on Christmas Eve, Brian and I light a big candle, say a prayer, and leave it burning all of Christmas Day in memory of those who can’t be with us for the holiday.”

You can also create a tradition around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

“Every year we enjoy a nice dinner at Canoe [a fine-dining restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia]. We’ve been there six years on Christmas Eve now; they even call us for our standing reservation!” said Lynn Lilly of Atlanta, Georgia. “Then we drive around and look at all the Christmas lights. Once we get home for the evening, we put on the movie, A Christmas Story.”

Don’t Forget The Gift
“It’s the thought that counts” really rings true when it comes to giving a holiday gift to someone you’re dating no matter what stage of your relationship you’re in. Everyone wants to feel like they matter to the most important people in their life, especially to the person they’re dating. Gift giving, no matter how grand the gesture, is a way to ensure that you let your partner know that you’re invested in the relationship.

You may huff and puff about why gift-giving is so important, but remember it’s not actually about the gift itself. It’s about the fact that you care enough about your significant other to give a gift. Your holiday gift doesn’t have to be over the top. It can be handmade if you wish.

Lauren Coburn of Hainesport, New Jersey does something simple that shows she’s attuned to her husband’s interests. “Every year I buy Zach a Christmas ornament that is ‘his’ ornament for the year,” Lauren explained. “It’s always something that’s about him (football, pilot, grilling, boat). Inside the lid, I write something to him for that year.”

The reason Coburn’s gift works so well is that it takes into account her partner’s personality and demonstrates that she knows who he is at the core. Gifts such as this one can expand your emotional connection with someone.

The holiday season is truly a special time of year and choosing to embrace holiday cheer can be extremely beneficial to your relationship. Use that magic to create some memories that you’ll build upon for years to come!

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