A Savvy Dater’s Guide to Safe Online Dating

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Every dating site wants you to get to know people and start dating in the safest way possible. Trusting your instincts and following these savvy safety tips will have you dating online and offline like a pro.


Notice a special someone? Say hi!  But keep your personal details private until you’ve had your first date.

  • Don’t share personal information—like your home address or phone number—until you’ve met in person.
  • Don’t text from your personal number right away.
  • Don’t provide your financial info for any reason.

The First Meeting

Congratulations! You have a date. Taking some precautions upfront will help you feel more relaxed during your outing.

  • Meet in a public place.
  • Use your own transportation.
  • Tell a friend where you’re going.
  • Limit alcoholic drinks.

Unsavory Characters

Scammers are clever—and heartless. They will do anything to take advantage of your thoughtfulness and generosity. Here are some common scammer tactics:

  • Contacting you from a different country
  • Refusing to meet face-to-face or talk on the phone
  • Directing you to a pornographic site
  • Asking for money—especially for travel or medical bills
  • Selling you products or services
  • Claiming to love you right away


For more safety tips, check out Zoosk’s Online Dating Safety Guide.

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