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9 Alternatives to Dating Apps

A girl meeting other singles at the coffee shop while working, one of these alternatives to dating apps.

There’s no arguing with the success rate of most dating apps and sites. But if you haven’t had luck with online dating or are taking a digital detox, there are other ways of meeting people. Believe it or not, people were finding love before phones and computers.

Though it may force you to put yourself physically out there more, here are nine other ways of finding dates that don’t involve getting on an app.

1. Happy hour.
Going out for drinks after work is still a great way to meet potential partners. After a long day at the office, many people are looking to unwind, have a drink or two and talk about everything and anything other than work. So, grab a colleague or two, find a good pub, sit at the bar, and keep you eyes out for other people who want to talk.

2. Group trips
Many cities and towns have organized trips to places like the mountain, the beach, a museum, or a casino. Check out your town website or even do a Google search of local clubs and Meetups to see if any have upcoming trips. Not only is it a good way to get you off of dating apps, but it’s a way to meet someone who shares a common interest.

3. Continuing education classes.
Remember what it was like being a single and carefree college student? Well, maybe it’s not quite like being a campus coed, but continuing education classes are specifically designed for working adults. Whether it’s something to advance your career or just an interest you have, learning a new skill can also be a new way to meet other intellectuals. Who knows who you will be assigned to sit next to?

4. Blind dates.
If you’re looking to take a break from dating apps, then one option is the old-fashioned blind date. Ask your friends and family if they know of anyone who’s single and may be a good fit.  Put some trust in those closest to you and let them set you up on a date.  You never know if it just might work out.

5. The dog park.
If you have a dog and already take them to the dog park, try mixing it up by trying a new park or walking trail in your neighborhood.  If you don’t have a dog, suggest going with a friend who does. Offer to help carry the treats or walk them so it doesn’t make anyone feel like you’re using your friend. Or, better yet, ask you friend if you can take their pup out for an afternoon. Chances are they’ll appreciate the help and time off.

6. Take a solo trip.
Traveling solo can be a great way to meet people since it forces you to put yourself out there to talk to others. Also, when you look single and interested, you’re more likely to have someone come up to you, than if you were with a bunch of other girls or guys, which can look intimidating.

7. The coffee shop.
If drinking isn’t your thing, a lot of singletons prefer the environment of a mellow coffee shop. Find a spot, get a latte, and plant yourself in front of your laptop or with an open book while also keeping your eyes open to your surroundings. If you see someone of interest, ask for the Wifi password, offer to get them a coffee, or ask to borrow a pen.  A conversation may just spark and lead to something else.

8. Social gatherings.
Say yes to every invitation you get. Even if you loathe going out after work and just want to get home, events, parties, and functions where you have to RSVP are great ways to meet people. The point of these gatherings are generally to mingle, so you won’t feel as shy as you might if you did it at a bar or coffee shop.

9. Public transportation.
Whether it’s the train or bus, lots of people commute these days and opt to take public transportation rather than drive themselves. So hang up the car keys, find out your bus schedule, and hop aboard.  Who knows what cutie you’ll end up sitting next to?

With so many people going online, it can feel impossible to meet someone in real life. But it does happen, every day and all the time. Put yourself out there, take out your headphones, keep your head up and your eyes open, and you never know who you might find.

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