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Bumble Algorithm: How Does It Work and Can It Help You?

A woman who understand the bumble algorithm using the dating app to meet people.

Bumble is a popular dating app, that uses swiping and matching similar to Tinder, but what sets it apart from the rest is that it puts women in control of the messaging. Only women are able to start a conversation, and they have a window of 24 hours to do it. Basically, Bumble doesn’t mess around. But how does the bumble algorithm work? How do you get matched with potential singles? And how active should you be, in order to have the most success on the app?

Like most dating apps, Bumble hasn’t disclosed exactly how their algorithm works, but theres’s been a lot of speculation from people who have used the app.

Here are a few of the many theories about how the Bumble algorithm works that you may find interesting:

1. People who have swiped-right on you will appear first.
Similar to Tinder, people who have used Bumble have noticed they have more matches early on, which tend to filter out the more time they use the app.

This could be because Bumble has a similar algorithm to Tinder, which prioritizes showing you people who have already swiped right for you. So if you find that you had early success with Bumble, but it slowly dwindled over time, don’t worry too much about it. Give the swiping a bit of a break and see if your matches pick back up after some time away. After all, here are plenty of new people joining Bumble every single day.

2. It doesn’t figure out your type based on previous matches.
It might be that all of the profiles you go for are guys who are tall, with dark hair, and an athletic physique. But it has been noted that Bumble isn’t able to clock onto this, and will continue to show you a variety of profiles that might be the total opposite of your type.

Personally, I think this is great. Too many of us go into dating with a “type” firmly imprinted in our brain, and this leaves no room for allowing yourself to be surprised by someone who might not be your usual type on paper. The person of your dreams might not be 6”3 with dark hair and a six-pack, so try and ditch those rigid ideas for a while and see what happens!

3. If you right-swipe on everyone, you’ll be punished.
Some people have been speculating that if you’re too swipe-happy on Bumble, they will flag your profile and push you right to the back of the queue, where you’ll have a hard time being seen by any new profiles, if any at all.


This means you’ll be rewarded for using the app in the way it was intended to be used but punished for trying to save yourself time by saying yes to everyone and getting people’s hopes up when you’re really not interested.. So guys—be selective with who you’re swiping for. Don’t be that guy who says yes to everyone like a total desperado.

4. The most popular profiles in your area appear first.
There’s been a lot of talk and controversy with this one, because it suggests that the most popular and commonly attractive profiles are showing up first every time someone logs into the app. (And Bumble isn’t the only app people have had this suspicion about.)

This means people with lower amounts of swipes are being pushed back in the queue, making it similar to being in school when the same kids always get picked last to be on the team.

What ends up happening is the most attractive profiles continue to get the most interaction, while the less popular ones get less interaction. Plus, if you’re messaging someone who’s got a hundred other people trying to talk to them, the chances of you getting anywhere are slim to none.

There’s not much you can do about this apart from try and make sure you look your absolute best. Which brings us on to the next point…

5. Your profile and photos have to look good.
Some people have done experiments creating fake profiles with blurry photos, and not much of the bio information filled out, and found that the match rate ended up dropping significantly.

Here’s what you need to know—if your photos are blurry, heavily filtered, or too far away, Bumble might penalize you. So make sure you get someone to take some decent, friendly images of you on your own.

If you’ve been on the app a while and not had much luck, try switching up your primary photo and see if you have better results.

6. It doesn’t matter how active you are.
Tinder tries to fade out people who aren’t active on their app, but it appears as though Bumble doesn’t have this feature… yet. Even if you haven’t been on the app in ages, your profile will still be shown to everyone—something a lot of people using the app have claimed.

This is a little unhelpful for anyone who matches with someone they like, only to find they never message them back—or message them back months later when they finally log on again. So the best thing you can do to avoid being affected by this is not to put all your eggs in one basket, and not expect everyone to respond to your messages.

7. You can always have a fresh start.
If you have been struggling to get matches on Bumble, it could be worth deleting your account, and starting again from scratch.

Bumble does show users a warning message when attempting to hit delete, so don’t do it if you don’t want to take the risk.  There’s also the option of doing a “soft reset” by uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it again. Give yourself a head start this time by uploading some great photos, and writing an intriguing (but honest) bio.

If you’re looking for something serious, Bumble is a great app to use because of the way it’s geared towards being more selective in the hopes of finding someone special. But none of us can say how the algorithm truly works. All you can do is show up, be your best self, and let cupid do his thing.

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