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The world of online dating can be a confusing place. There are so many dating apps and services out there, that’s it’s hard to know where to start. Zoosk is a dating app that has been around for over a decade and has a membership that clocks in at just over 40 million, making it one of the largest out there.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the Zoosk reviews on the Apple App Store (average 4.5/5★) and on Google Play (average 4/5★) by members who loved their experience on the app.

Apple App Store:

Finally a site that worked – 5★

“I’ve been on various dating sites. Been out on a lot of dates. Nothing worked out. Heard of Zoosk and thought why not give it a shot what do I have to lose except a few bucks( only purchased one month). After a few days the woman of my dreams ( perfect in my eyes contacted me and we knew instantly we were meant for each other.

Thank you Zoosk for bringing me my perfection.”

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New Zoosk Member – 5★

“New to Zoosk but so far enjoy this online dating site vs the others. Easy to use and fun. Had a quick technical question and was most pleased that they had an actual number to call with a live person answering calls.Thank you Zoosk for your excellent customer service.”

I recommend this app to all my friends – 5★

“I tried all the other dating sites only to find those interested in hookups, so I decided to try Zoosk. The app was really easy to use. I matched with the most amazing man, that I am so happy to call mine. We both always tell others…you gotta try Zoosk.”

Everything is relative – 5★

“This site is certainly not perfect, but compared to the swipe left swipe right side there’s a lot more going on here. I like it a bit more than match because they have some algorithms built in. The smart picking carousel also lends itself to easy matching.”

Great potential for find a partner – 5★

“The site is great for getting responses from a lot of good matches. It is like any other dating site in that you have to do a lot of texting back and forth to get to the next level of actual meeting. Otherwise a good site for online dating.”

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“Been looking for someone for almost 9 months…and there he is found him here at Zoosk. This app gives the best match to my personality and very good choices of men…There are some bad apples but mostly I dated are good ones…Now, after 9 months of search…we’re shopping for RING!!! Thanks Zoosk!!!”

Awesome customer service! – 5★

“I received help with a billing issue from Henry today. He was very kind and caring and really helped me out! There was no wait time to get my question answered. I would definitely use Zoosk customer service again. Thanks, Henry!”

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For a brief insight – 5★

“I haven’t yet been able to appreciate the entire app yet(not a subscriber); what I have seen so far is awesome and user friendly. Easy to use interface, beautiful women, and loads of responses. Give it a try I say.”

Paid Member of Zoosk – 5★

“100% satisfied. Best dating site I have utilized. Extremely happy to have found this site after trying other sites without being happy with the performance.”

Excellent site! – 5★

“I like this site more than any other site! It is very user friendly! I like that I can call for help and talk to a live person with less than a minutes wait!”

Best Dating App I have Used – 5★

“I tried 3 other apps before this one and was about to give up. On Zoosk I have met three people I’m truly enjoying getting to know and more keep coming.”

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ChefK – 5★

“This app was really great. Easy to use and helped me find my potential soulmate. I recommend it to all my friends. Takes a big part of the hassle out of meeting people.”

Google Play Store:

Aaron Geroux – 5★

“Found my soulmate I paid for one month because I thought ‘What the heck. Why not?’ Within 2 weeks i found the love of my life and couldn’t be happier.”

Two screenshots of Zoosk reviews listed below.

Edwin Navarro – 5★

“Excellent site to meet a different people! A very easy app to use, especially if you are new using those sites that others can be a little complicated and so confusing from the start.”

C J Fike – 5★

“Thank you guys so much for helping me get my life started back over with an awesome lady that’s real.”

Jason King – 5★

“It works. Yup you have to pay. But I did meet some women and it allowed me to choose if I wanted to talk to them. I enjoyed the app and site very much.”

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Sharnie Shannon – 5★

“I love using this it feels safer than any other website I’ve been on.”

A Google User – 5★

“Great. It’s a lil expensive but worth it! I met the man of my dreams on Zoosk 19 months ago. :)”

A screenshot of the Zoosk review mentioned above.

Christian Schimandle – 5★

“Good quality clean site which I have had success on. Good job Zoosk!”

Lunch Box – 5★

“Never fails to accomplish the job. It works great. Meet way cool people from all walks of life. It’s just simple awesome!”

A screenshot of the Zoosk review mentioned above from Lunch Box.

Jon Banks – 5★

“It’s a good start for anyone. It only takes a loving heart to find another but putting yourself out there helps and that’s what this is for.”

Hope these reviews helped! If you’re still not sure feel free to checkout testimonials from couples who’ve met on Zoosk.


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