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No Matches on Tinder? 3 Things You Can Do Now

A guy who has no matches on Tinder, looking through his empty inbox on the app in the dark.

Tinder might make it easier for you to find singles who are in your area than ever before, but what happens if you’re swiping left and right and not getting anywhere? If you’re not getting any matches on Tinder is there something you can do? Of course there is. Don’t worry—you can totally fix this and get some matches flowing your way in no time.  

Here are few easy things you can do to help get more matches:

1. Change Your Photo
After all, on Tinder, it’s your photo that really determines your swipe-worthiness on the app. Find one that shows the very best parts of you. Don’t do the “Blue Steel” look or put out a vibe that’s not true to you. Instead use one that’s endearing, natural, and even a little bit funny. Also, if you have only one trusty photo, you might want to include more photos of yourself in your profile. It makes your profile look more like a real person, who actually likes to date, instead of like someone who just signed up to look around.

Research has even found that females who increased their profile pics from one to three got a 37 percent increase in their matches. Men, on the other hand, who increased their profile pic from one to three had their numbers of matches increase from 14 to 65 percent over a four hour period. That’s a lot!

So what types of other photos should you include? Again, you want to show off your genuine self—the self that wants to connect with someone. So what kind of things do you like to do? Maybe it’s hanging out with your dog at the dog park or going sailing or mountain biking. Think of the activities that you’d like to do with a new match and showcase them. Another tip? Avoid group shots as much as you can—especially for your main profile pic. It’s too distracting and people can’t tell which person is you, which is the whole point.

Also, refrain from using Snapchat filters or posting any shots of your abs or any body part. They’ve been proven to lessen your chances of a date.

2. Switch Up Your “About” Section
Second to your photo, your bio section makes or breaks the swipe. Not everyone is Shakespeare or Mindy Kaling when it comes to writing, but taking a bit of time and effort to improve your “About” section will make a world of difference when it comes to getting more matches. In fact, a study showed that male Tinder profiles without bios achieved an average of 16 matches from women. But increased to 69 matches when a bio was present.

So, include a bio. Describe yourself how you would in an elevator pitch to the love of your life. Keep it simple, light, and true. Inject your own playful sense of humor and have fun with it.

3. Are You Self-Filtering?
If you’ve been using Tinder for awhile, chances are you’ve seen profiles of people looking for NSA or “No Strings Attached” relationships, who don’t want something serious. If you’re looking for the same, that’s great, but you may be having a harder time finding matches because the people who are looking for more serious relationships aren’t interested. Likewise, if you’re looking for serious relationships only, you may face the same problem. This doesn’t mean you have to change your profile (after all, you’re just being honest about what you want and don’t want to attract people who really aren’t going to work for you), but you should be aware that it will lessen your dating pool and lessen your chances of making a match. Also, if you’re only looking for people ten years younger than you, or only looking for people who are drop-dead gorgeous, it’s going to make it tough too.

Although some people might believe there’s a “hack” for gaining more matches, the real magic lies within being yourself. Upload natural photos of your charming self, include a funny-yet-true bio, and engage in conversation, and you might find yourself landing more matches than you can handle. Above allhave fun with the experience, and don’t let your matches, or lack thereof, discourage you from trying again.

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