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What to Say to a Girl on Tinder: 6 Examples and Tips

A guy who learned what to say to a girl on Tinder, texting a girl on the app an getting a reply.

If you’re getting frustrated with striking out when it comes to your Tinder matches, then you might want to reconsider what you’re communicating to the women you match with. Chances are you’re sending out messages like, “Hey there!” which may seem perfectly normal fine, but just aren’t going to cut it since women get so many messages on the app.

Which is why what you say to a girl on Tinder really matters. If you want to keep the conversation moving toward a date, then here are some tips and examples to help you out.

1. Do a quick scan of her profile.
Go full-on Sherlock Holmes with her profile. Check out her bio, pics, and interests in order to create an easy, yet personal, conversation starter that will make her feel special and that will show that you’re actually interested in her as a person. (And not just a random match.)

For example, if she’s a foodie, hone in on that and say something like:
“So what’s your ideal last meal? Like, you’re in prison, this is it. What would you eat?”

2. Be animated.
Pulling out a GIF right away is a good way to not only get her attention, but help keep things light. A funny GIF that either relates to her profile, or something that’s just so wild that she’ll have to respond, is a great way to create a connection. Women love to laugh and getting her to crack a smile will definitely help her remember you.

Example: Post a funny GIF of a dancing dog and say, “I might not to be able to twerk as good as this dog, but I swear, I’ve got some moves.”

3. Start with a game.
Engaging her in a game of some sort is intriguing and fun, and is sure to provoke a response from her. There are a few you could try. Maybe you engage her with “Kiss, Marry, or Kill” or maybe you engage her witho a “Would you rather” game. Again, look at her profile to get an idea as to what you could ask.

Example: “Would you rather give up pizza or wine for a year?”

4. Engage her with travel.
Most people include travel pics in their profile. The uninteresting choice would be to ask, “How did you like backpacking through Europe?” However, if you want to stand out, you might want to start out with a challenge. “Congratulations! You’ve got a free weekend vacation. Where do you go?” It’s an engaging starter, plus it could lead you to other topics of travel and vacation, and more.

5. Role-playing.
No, this isn’t R-rated. This is another example of playing a game with your match. It’s a great introduction to your sense of humor, and it’s another easy way for her to engage with you in a playful way.

Example: “Okay, you’re on the lam from the police. What did you do?” Then you can follow up with, “So who am I? The suave FBI Agent or the jerk who turns you in?”

6. Don’t be afraid to be cheesy.
Sometimes you don’t have to be clever. Showing off your goofy, cheesy sense of humor is not only genuine but it can be that endearing quality that will help her connect with you. Cheesy pick-up lines don’t have to be a no-no if they’re reflective of what you would say in real life.

For example: “I’ve had a crush on you for 2 hours.” “I hope you know that I am 100% committed to this tinder relationship.”

Ultimately when it comes to conversing with a woman on Tinder, you need to remember a few key things: keep it authentic, keep it personal, and keep it light. Bring your best goofy genuine self to a conversation and make it feel fun-filled rather than a job interview. Make the conversation personal so she doesn’t feel like just a number, and always be yourself. Because that’s who’s going to show up at the date, right?

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