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OkCupid vs. Tinder: The Differences That Make a Difference

A picture of OkCupid vs. Tinder: the two apps on phones next to each other.

Gone are the days where you have to go out into the world (you know, to a bar or party) to meet someone. Instead, now you can now scroll through profile after profile in the comfort of your home, or the train, or wherever you are. According to Statistic Brain, 66% of singles have dated someone they met online and 20% of current committed relationships started online. So ok, more people are dating online, but how do you know what app is the best for you?

Two of today’s most popular online dating platforms are OkCupid and Tinder, ringing in with nearly 50 million plus users combined.

For those of you struggling to decide whether OkCupid or Tinder is better for you, here are a few differences between the the two apps that may help you make your decision. 

Long Profiles vs. Short Profiles
OkCupid is quick to sign up for and only requires an email and password. The profile itself, however, takes a bit more time. From sign up, you move right into creating a bio about yourself—which many users choose to make longer and more detailed. After the bio is completed you can answer various statements that the site has come up with, such as: “What I’m Doing With My Life”, “I’m Really Good At”, “You Should Message Me If.”. OkCupid not only provides plenty of space to tell people who you are, but also gives you the choice to include your sexual orientation, height, build, relationship type, ethnicity, religion, etc.

Tinder, like OkC, is not difficult to sign up for. Originally you were required to have a Facebook in order to have a Tinder account, but recent updates have allowed you to sign up without a Facebook and register with your phone number instead. Notorious for profiles with quirky one liners and very little options to add personal information, Tinder bios are the simpler of the two apps allowing users to quickly see who you are.

So if you like short and sweet profiles with little to no info. about people, Tinder is for you. If you prefer longer profiles with a ton of info. (and don’t mind writing your own) then OkCupid might be a better bet.

Match Using Questions vs. Match By Swiping
On OkCupid you’re given the option to answer questions about yourself by choosing answers like yes, no, or sometimes. You choose the importance of the question and decide if it should be publicly seen by fellow users. And the questions come in all shapes and sizes. Some are politically motivated such as, “Are you the type of person to tell a homeless person to get a job?” or “Should immigrants be required to learn the official language of the country they’re living in?” While others are about your lifestyle such as, “Is your duty to your religion/God the most important thing in you life?” Then there are others that are more fun, such as, “Do you believe in dinosaurs?” By answering questions you’re given a match percentage with each person you see based on your responses.

Tinder really only has the option to swipe right or left on people, then if you both like each other, voila!, it’s a match. You can also swipe up to ‘Super Like’ a person which will notify them and let them see your profile come up with a special blue border signifying the ‘Super Like.’

In addition to their questions, OkC also has a Tinder-style feature called DoubleTake that allows you to swipe right for someone you like or swipe left for someone you don’t like.

So, once again, the choice here is really between simplicity vs. having more information and options. If you love the idea of answering a lot of questions and comparing them to others, OkCupid certainly gives you a lot to talk about. If you’d rather just get to it, Tinder may be for you.

Paying for A-List vs. Tinder Plus
Both OkCupid and Tinder are free to use and require no sign up fee, but have a lot of features you need to pay for. OkCupid offers A-List which allows you to see who likes you, refine who you see, see when someone has read your messages, and also removes all the ads from the app. You can pay $9.99 for 1 month, or choose a 3 or 6 month option. There is also A-List Premium which offers essentially the same benefits as A-List Basic, but instead boosts your profile each day to be seen by more people and comes at a higher price.

Tinder offers Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold; both offer you unlimited likes, rewinds on your last swipe, 5 Super Likes, 1 free boost, and a passport to swipe anywhere in the world. Tinder Gold however, gives you the ability to see who likes you before swiping. Tinder Plus is $9.99 and Tinder Gold is an additional $4.99

Do you want true love, strictly hookups, or something in between? Ask yourself these questions before settling on which app you would like more, but don’t be afraid to try them both out to see what fits your needs.

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