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Tinder Tips for Girls (From a Guy)

A girl who took these Tinder tips for girls looking at her phone in surprise and smiling.

Of all the dating apps, Tinder is the most casual but it’s also one of the biggest. So keep in mind that there’s an opportunity to meet a lot of people, but not everyone is looking for the same thing. And with so many guys on the app, the way women use Tinder is vastly different from the way guys use it.

Here are some Tinder tips for girls on how to crush it on the app:

1. Stop with boring messages.
Banter is important for chemistry. Whether it’s you taking the plunge and sending the first message, or your match sending one first, opening lines and dialogue should be fun and interesting. One of the worst things in online dating is when you match with somebody and the first thing they say to you is “Hey” or “Hi”. There’s over one hundred and seventy thousand words in the English language. All you have to do is string a few more words together to make a fun sentence. Like “Hey, that’s my favorite type of IPA as well!” or “Hey, did you catch that crazy new episode of Westworld?” Boring introductions and responses lead to boring conversations and they’re not going to go anywhere.

2. Don’t use Super Like. 
Contrary to popular belief and claims made by others, if you Super Like someone it may help you get noticed more but it’s not necessarily going to help you get the attention you want. Let’s be honest, it can come off as weird and creepy, but more often than not, people assume you just accidentally Super Liked them because it’s so easy to push the button by accident. Just swipe right like a normal person and hope that they swipe right back.

3. Use GIFS and memes.
Talking through plain ol’ text isn’t efficient anymore. While there are many issues with communicating exclusively online, the main issue when it comes to online dating is that sometimes when people read your messages they won’t be able to get your subtle sarcasm or notice when you’re making a joke. That’s where gifs and memes can help. With various keyboards and apps you can download and install on your phone, it’s super easy to be funny, while creating rapport of inside jokes with your potential date. From adorable cat videos to a worldstarhiphop fight compilation, guys and gals like to laugh at stuff, so send us some videos and memes. Emojis are cute as hell too.

4. Respond in a reasonable amount of time.
I get it, sometimes you don’t want to come off as desperate or too eager and other times you really did happen to put your phone in a locker and go to the amusement park for eight hours, but the term “strike while the iron’s hot” doesn’t just apply to blacksmithing. Online dating has become a cat and mouse game oddly enough. If you take 24 hours to respond to a message, guess what? The other party might take 25 hours to respond as well. And then that leads to a back and forth where eventually your interest for one another will simmer because you’ll either forget what your entire conversation was about due to the lag or the other person will find another match that’s more sparkly and fun. So just like in real life, try to be punctual.

5. Your first pic is key.
First impressions are important. There’s nothing that warrants a swipe to the left faster than a super close-up of your face or a group pic. If you just have a picture of your face you will get waaaaay less swipes than if you do pictures of your whole body. Likewise, if you have a plethora of group pictures, you’ll get left swiped because no one wants to play “I Spy” for you. You should have at least one picture of your head and torso together. Tinder is shallow so people are going to judge you on your looks, that’s the name of the game. But don’t fret, even if you’re not comfortable in your own skin, or you want to hide something about yourself, just show it because odds are someone will find it cute and adorable.

6. Actually try and meet in real life.
This isn’t just a tip for women, but for dudes as well. Swiping and getting matches is super fun, but what’s the point of all of it if you don’t meet your match in real life. Try and set a specific date so you can actually see if you have a connection or not. Not every date or meet up will work out, but hopefully you’ll at least have a great story to tell. And at the end of the day remember, dating should be fun. If you’re not having a good time, then what’s the point?

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