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9 Things Tinder Women Love and Hate

A Tinder woman on the Tinder dating app laughing as she's at home drinking wine.

I’m not going to lie—it’s a lot easier for women on Tinder to make matches than it is for men. Most often the ratio is in their favor and there are so many more men on the app that the women don’t have to work very hard to connect with them. Unfortunately for the guys out there, the ratio of men to women in their area can make it much harder to make a match on the app.

But it certainly can be done. Men and women match and chat on Tinder every day. But if you’re a guy who’s having a hard time, or just wondering what Tinder women are looking for, we’ve got some insights about the things women on Tinder love and hate that could help you out.

Make sure you’re approaching Tinder in a way that women like, and not accidentally doing the wrong thing. 

Hate: Pictures of you with attractive women.
Adding pictures of yourself surrounded by cheerleaders at a basketball game, smiling with girls at a club, or even just a picture of you with your good-looking female friend at a wedding is not going to come off the way you want. It may seem like a good idea to show that you’re the type of guy who hangs out with good-looking women, but when a guy on Tinder does this it comes across as swarmy and a little desperate.  

Love: Pictures of you being funny.  
It really is true that woman love a man with a sense of humor. If you’re funny and can make a girl laugh, it can really put you over the top. So if you have a funny photo, something you snapped in a silly moment with your friends, joking around at home, or on vacation, add it to your profile. Not only does it show more of your personality and make you approachable, it also gives her something to talk to you about.

Hate: Talking about dating apps.
When you’re swiping through guys and you come across someone who’s cute and looks like they could be fun to hang out with, the last thing you want to read is something like, Not here to be penpals, Interested in actually meeting up for a date sometime, or If you’re just here to talk forever, don’t bother.

Even though it can be suuuuper frustrating online dating, saying so doesn’t help you attract the people who really are into meeting up. Instead it can backfire and make you seem kind of mean, demanding, or like someone who other women aren’t interested in. So save the laments for your friends over happy hour and stay positive in your profile.

Love: Random references or jokes.
Some of the best Tinder bios are the ones that give information about who you are and what makes you tick. And sometimes it’s the weird, random things that do it the best. A quote from a random movie, song, TV show, or meme tells a lot more about what you’re like to hang out with then your job and hobbies. Don’t be shy! Let it all out there and you may find a woman who’s into the same random things or who wants to learn more.

Hate: Half-assed profiles.
If you didn’t take the time to even try, even a little bit to set up a profile, it sends the message that you’re not into putting in the effort for an online dating profile or an in person date. If your profile says something like, Message me to learn more, or Looking to meet cool people, that’s a bit lazy. If you only have one photo it can even make you seem fake. It’s annoying but just a little more time can make a big difference. And there are a lot of ways to write a Tinder bio super quickly.

Love: A variety of photos.
On Tinder, if you have great photos that show off your personality, you really don’t need to worry about writing a great bio. So add a bunch of photos of you in different situations. It’s good to have one photo of your face, so people can get a good idea of what you look like, and after that go crazy. A vacation shot, a funny face, you out with friends, finishing a 10K, skiing, reading, finishing a drink, chilling with your dog, dressed up for an event—having nine different photos really makes you stand out.

Hate: Hi and hey.
A lot of guys already know this one, but if your first message to woman on Tinder is hi, chances are you won’t get a reply. Think about it—even if she’s super interested in you, what is she supposed to say back? Make it easier on her and ask a question or share something about yourself or your day that she can respond to.

Love: Quick replies.
Gone are the days where you’ll seem desperate or too eager if you reply right away, women don’t want to wait around. With so many people on dating apps and so many options out there, if you wait too long to message a woman back, chances are she’ll assume you’re not interested and move on. So messaging her back right away actually works in your favor.

So many people are on Tinder now, and everyone uses it differently. Because of that, all of these loves and hates may not apply to every single women on the app. However, if you’re having a hard time and aren’t sure why, try focusing on the loves and get rid of the hates and see how it works for you. It could make all the difference.

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