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Is Tinder Gold Worth It? A Look At The Premium Package

A girl who was wondering if Tinder gold is worth it, on her phone looking at all the people who have already liked her and smiling.

Is Tinder Gold worth it? It’s a commonly asked question. At this point, we all know what Tinder is. The dating app has been around since 2012 and has gained steady popularity since then among people of all ages.

But with any app or platform, Tinder has to grow with the times. Since its inception, it has branched out in big ways. What used to be a simple swipe one way or the other app, has morphed into something so much bigger. For many, it’s a fun place where you just may meet the love of your life, or at least some new people to go on first dates with.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is a premium subscription within the app that includes a feature allowing you to see who has already liked you. One of the purposes behind this feature is to (hopefully) highlight people who’re genuinely interested in you.

By knowing who has liked you already, you can potentially be more considerate when deciding whether or not to connect with them. Are you more likely to swipe right on someone knowing that they’ve already swiped right on you? Maybe. And this is what Tinder Gold is set to find out.

As told to Tech Crunch, according to Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, Brian Norgard, “Tinder Gold provides subscribers with the fun and engaging swiping experience they love about Tinder, coupled with the efficiency and control of being able to see who’s swiped right on them first.”

The subscription includes more than just the all-knowing power of who has liked you. With Tinder Gold, users are able to access features like Unlimited Likes, extra Super Likes each day, and the Rewind feature, which allows you to go back once you’ve accidentally swiped the wrong way on some cutie.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

For some people, adding yet another subscription to their ever-growing list of paid platforms is just not worth it. If you can afford to pay for the likes of Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Tidal, Match, and Tinder Gold, go for it. If you have to cut some corners, Tinder Gold may not be for you. The best advice is to break down the features and decide whether or not they matter to you.

Is Unlimited Swiping Worth It?

If you live in a smaller city or an area where you feel like you consistently receive that “you are all out of matches” message, unlimited swiping is probably slightly more compelling. If you’re in the midst of a busy and bustling town and you never receive that message, it might not be worth paying for.

Do You Use Your Super Likes?

If you often find yourself disappointed that you “Super Liked” someone and then later come across someone you like even more, Tinder Gold may be worth something to you. If you hardly use the “Super Like” feature or use it less than one time a day, it may not be worth your money.

How Intrigued Are You to Know Who Likes You?

Some people seem to think that part of the fun and mystery of dating apps is not knowing who likes you when you open up the app. If you’re a person who would rather know, Tinder Gold may be up your alley. If you are disinterested or prefer not to see who has liked you, skip the upgrade.

Want a Boost?

The boost feature, included in Tinder Gold, basically puts your profile straight to the top of another user’s queue. This feature can be really helpful, particularly if you don’t seem to get many matches—or if all of your matches aren’t really suited to you. If you’d like to be able to use the boost feature regularly, Tinder Gold might be worth your money. If you don’t care about any of that, skip it.

As of right now, Tinder Gold can be a worthwhile investment for regular online daters. If that’s just a price you can’t fit into your budget, don’t worry. If you can make it work and would actually use the features and are fully dedicated to meeting your match on Tinder, it can be well worth the price. 

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