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6 Ways to Get More Matches on Tinder

A girl who wants more matches on Tinder scrolling through profiles on her phone.

Nothing cripples your ego more than a losing steak on Tinder. But don’t feel too down. If your match quota drops, the problem might be your profile and not you.

The most successful Tinder users know how to use wit and charm to showcase their personality. By putting a little more time into your profile, you may see some major results.

Here are the best ways to get more matches on Tinder: 

1. Make a stand-out profile description.
Think of your profile like an advertisement. You’re promoting yourself as an enticing match. But if you take the lazy route with a simple line like, “Single and looking for fun,” you won’t inspire much enthusiasm.  

Original and meaningful Tinder bios get the most attention. Say something that shows off your personality. Are you funny? Or adventurous or sporty? 

2. Master the art of the calling card.
You can also write inviting shout-outs to gain more interest. The idea is to show that you’re not only selling yourself, you’re selling an experience. 

Here are some examples:

“Calling all dog lovers!  Let’s get the dogs together for a date. The owners can tag along too ;)”

This line works wonders because it sets the tone for a pleasant time (in a non-creepy way). It also appears friendly and approachable.

Let’s look at another example:

“A true science nerd searching for the right chemistry experiment.”

Although this line is dorky, it immediately establishes that you’re a passionate, fun-loving person. Humor, even the lame kind, is an excellent tool for building attraction and rapport.

Be authentic in your profile picture.
We all want to show our best selves. But when insecurities take over, you might be tempted to use visual trickery. Using too many far-away shots, group photos or activity-based pics are  distracting from the real you.

Don’t hide your true self. Including a genuine selfie offers a more intimate and personal reflection of your identity. You don’t have to be supermodel material, but the confidence of an closeup shows that you take pride in yourself. If you feel awkward about selfies, get a friend to take your picture in a natural setting. 

Remember to smile.
Smiling in your photo is a must. According to Dr. Jess Carbino, a sociologist who previously worked for Tinder, “Smiling makes such a significant difference.” This facial language shows you’re friendly and inviting, increasing your chances of more matches on Tinder.

You don’t need to master the perfect smile. Whether you’ve got a toothy grin or a mouth full of braces, your happy expression creates positive magnetic energy that draws people into your image. But keep in mind, a half-hearted grin won’t make the cut. This type of smirk can be read as arrogance, which can hurt your match count on Tinder.

Keep your photos classy.
Do not over use sex appeal if you’re seeking high-quality matches. People searching for meaningful connections aren’t swiping right for partial nudity. This standard means no swimsuit shots or sleazy tanks. 

You don’t want to convey the message that your body is your main offer. When presenting yourself as a high-caliber match, sexualizing yourself will not garner the right attention. Use other visual cues to win them over. 

Post pictures with purpose.
Context is key. This rule means that the environment in your pics counts. If your photos capture you in a vague or pointless setting, you might seem boring.

Pictures with purpose are your best bet. Use photos that place you in a cool context, like a restaurant, wedding, or sports field. These type of images achieve two things: they show off your image, while also capturing your outgoing side.

Don’t hatfish.
Married to your hat? When you rely on your hat to feel secure in a photo, you’re using a crutch to get matches. People will notice this trend in your pics and avoid you.

There’s no exact science when it comes to getting more matches on Tinder. However, using these strategies will definitely increase your odds of success. And no matter what, always come across as authentic. It’s better to look sweet and humble in your dating profile than to intimidate people with your ego. 

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