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5 Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Women Actually Like

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A good Tinder pick-up line can really help you stand out from the crowd. And boy oh boy, there’s a crowd on Tinder. You might thank your lucky stars that an attractive match swiped right on your profile, but the real magic happens when it comes to making that first initial impression. You need an ice breaker. But not just any old ice breaker.

You need an opener that speaks to your personality and natural charm while also, well, winning a girl over. You need to not only stand out from the competition but also reassure her that you’re not, in fact, creepy. Need some help with Tinder pick-up lines? Here are five Tinder pick-up lines and strategies to get you started.

Tinder Pick-up Line Tips to Get You Started

Be straight up

Being honest can work in two ways. The first way means you can be vulnerable and say something that speaks to your nerves and anxiety, like, “I’m really bad at this stuff, but I had to reach out and say something to you even if that means I’m done with people-ing for a month.” Being honest with a wry sense of humor is always attractive.

The second way? Be your bold, bad self and say something like, “I’m dying of thirst and I think you’re hot. Do you want to grab drinks this week?” Because sometimes all it takes is a little straightforwardness to see if a connection is really going to happen or not.

Ask her a question

If you want to effectively engage your match in a conversation, then lead with a question. For example, if you notice her favorite TV show is The Office, then you might want to ask her: “Who do you identify with more? Jim or Dwight?”

Or maybe you saw pictures of her latest trip to Paris. “Love the photo of you at the Eiffel Tower! Were the baguettes as delicious as I imagine them to be?” By asking questions, it shows that 1) you’re creative and 2) you’re taking an interest in her profile and not just her profile pic.

Focus on the profile, not the profile picture

If you can’t come up with any sort of witty banter or clever question, look to her profile and there you’ll find the perfect ice breaker. Women dig personalization. They also like to think you’re interested in them—and not just what they look like.

So make that clear—while also being flirty. If she likes to eat chocolate chip pancakes, say something like, “I bet I can whip up the best chocolate chip pancakes you’ve ever eaten!” This line is a challenge, it’s flirty, and it says that you took the time to read up on her preferences. Ding ding!

Make her laugh

Humor is an amazing ice breaker and someone who’s quick to make a woman smile will easily stand out in her mind. If you can pair it with a funny GIF, even better. After all, humans are visual creatures and let’s be honest, GIFs can be pretty hilarious.

So maybe send her a funny Ryan Gosling GIF with an opener, “Hey girl. I might not be Ryan Gosling, but I’m hoping if you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” Don’t be afraid to be weird and goofy. A unique sense of humor while being true to your personality will cause a woman to take a second look at you.

A little flattery goes a long way

Combine a genuine compliment with something intriguing about her profile. Perhaps use something like, “I think you have an amazing smile. You really light up around animals; that’s awesome!” You’re sure to get attention for flattering her appearance while also paying attention to what makes her smile. Bonus points!

When it comes to using the perfect Tinder pick-up line that a woman actually likes, it’s pretty simple: look at her profile. Get to know her. Inject some light-hearted humor into the mix, and always be yourself.

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