A guy in bed at night going through his Tinder top picks.

Remember when Tinder was only about swiping, chatting, and occasionally hanging out with someone new? We do too, and it seems like ages ago. When Tinder first launched, it revolutionized the dating world, because it was simple. Swipe left for no, swipe right to chat.

While at its core Tinder is still a simple app, it’s come a long way since then, adding tons of new features like Super Likes and Boosts. One of the most recently added feature is Tinder Top Picks. If you want to use it right, here’s what you need to know.

1. Top Picks provides Tinder Gold users with a curated list of 10 profiles per day of Tinder’s most desirable people as decided by its algorithm. The algorithm decides which people to display based on information stored in their profiles including pictures and bio.

2. Tinder Top Picks is primarily available to people who subscribe to Tinder Gold, Tinder’s highest tier of premium membership. If you’re interested in checking it out, you’re going to have to pay…

3. …well, sort of. Free users still get one free Top Pick a day, according to Tinder’s website. If you want the full batch though, you’re going to have to cough it up.

4. If you run out of Top Picks for the day, you can purchase more in bundles of 10 at $0.29 each, 20 at $0.19 each, or 30 at $0.16 each.

5. The feature is available in most places Tinder is available, so don’t sweat it if you’re traveling.

6. Since the Top Picks change every day, you’ll have to check each day (it resets at midnight) if you want to make the most of this feature. Otherwise, that top pick might just disappear forever.

7. Unfortunately, Top Picks don’t filter profiles based on your distance settings, so it’s possible that you’ll see people who are way outside of your intended dating range.

8. Although these profiles are in high demand, you can still show a little extra interest by sending them a Super Like. Just press the blue star icon in the bottom right hand corner of the profile card.

Tinder Top Picks is a great way to keep the app fun and fresh for those who’ve hit  swipe exhaustion or for those who only want to swipe on a few people a day. 

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, subscribe to Tinder Gold and look for the diamond icon at the top of the screen to find your Top Picks.

Jessica Tholmer

Freelance Writer

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