Where to Meet Men In Your 40s

A man in his 40s holding flowers for a date with a woman.

When you’re in your 20s meeting men isn’t something you spend much time worrying about—somehow it just always happens. You go out and the men are just there. In your 30s, things get a little trickier. You’re busy and more and more of your single friends are coupling up, but when you do go out the bars and restaurants are still filled with people your age. So what happens when you’re in your 40s and suddenly the single men your age seem to disappear from all the usual spots? Where DO you meet men in your 40s?

The answer is pretty simple: Online.

Members at the popular dating site Zoosk, that has over 38 million members worldwide, shed some light on how older age-groups are meeting online. Read on to get a better idea of how men and women use Zoosk to meet each other.

Getting Back Into Dating After Taking a Break

Some Zoosk members said they used the site as a way to get back into the dating scene after taking a long break. Whether getting over a divorce or getting back into the swing of things, online dating offered a way to meet people that was easy and unintimidating.

“It had been nearly 20 years since either of us had dated,” said Zoosk member Julie, while describing how she met her fiancé Scott. “When we each found ourselves single again we both decided to turn to online dating. We weren’t each other’s first dates or contacts, but we are each other’s last!”

“I had given up on EVER meeting someone again…someone that I could love,” said Jeff, another member. “But then I saw Jen’s profile! She is 40 and I’m 46. I stared at her profile for about a week before I actually got the nerve to just send her a quick message. I actually became a member just to message her.”

Sometimes past relationships were even the reason couples started talking.

“Robert viewed me, but he thought I wouldn’t be interested in him,” said Pamela. “I saw that he and I were both married for 25 years plus so, out of curiosity, I asked him what had happened in his marriage that led him to being divorced after all those years. Our stories were similar.”

Meeting People Outside Your Usual Social Scene

When you’re in your 40s, it can be difficult to meet men through friends, work, and other social circles. Some Zoosk members said they decided to date online to widen their dating pool and get to know people beyond those they were meeting in their day to day lives.

“I live on the Island of Maui so there aren’t a lot of ways to meet people and date. I decided to give Zoosk a shot in July 2012 and immediately started talking to this guy named Paul,” said Zoosk member Jennifer. “We knew after that date we were meant to be together.”

Another Zoosk member, Mike, started online dating to meet new people outside of his group of friends.

“I decided that it was time to get back into the game and meet someone,” explained Mike. “Not being a frequent bar hopper, I knew I needed help. I considered the offers from friends in which they tell you ‘oh, I have found the right person for you, you will love her,’ but I factored in that if that didn’t work, then that friendship could also be lost.”

Finding Someone with Your Same Interests

Some women looking for men on Zoosk were surprised at how easy it was to find someone who liked the same interests and activities. Learning more about someone from his dating profile allowed them to find out they had a lot in common before meeting. Then, after meeting in person, they learned even more about how similar they were.

“We found that we have so much in common and we think so much alike it’s crazy,” said one dater Shishi about meeting her special someone on Zoosk. “We both feel that we found our missing puzzle piece!”

“We went out on our first date on the 13th of May and hit it off immediately,” explained another member Craig when describing how he met someone on Zoosk. “We share the same star sign, have very similar upbringings, and our interests are pretty much identical.”

One Zoosk couple even found out they worked for the same company but had never met before seeing each other online.

“After chatting on Zoosk for a while we discovered that we both worked at the same company; same building only two floors apart for five years,” said Zoosk member Ernie. “We have been inseparable ever since October 2009. She is my best friend, my soul mate, and the love of my life.”

Which just goes to show, when you’re looking to meet men in your 40s, the one for you may be closer than you think. Online dating sites like Zoosk can provide a way to meet a larger pool of men your age who share your interests, so you don’t have to go out to bars or get setup by your friends.

“I have never put much merit in dating sites and only joined after the insistence of many well meaning friends. Within minutes after I joined I was surprised with chat requests and winks,” said one dater Sherri. “But, as the saying goes… it only takes one. When I chatted with Tony, he was someone that immediately put me at ease. We arranged to have lunch the next day. And, as another old saying goes: the rest is history! Zoosk was the conduit needed to find the man that would mirror my thoughts.”

To give Zoosk a try for yourself, sign up for free now and start meeting men in your 40s.

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