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13 Tips to Maximize Online Dating

Making a great first impression might be even more important in online dating than going to the bars. In online dating you can either put yourself out there for a person to read and find out everything about you or you can remain secretive and just list a name and a photograph. The best date cards are somewhere in the middle, they describe who you are, what you are looking for and ultimately attract that perfect someone's attention.

  1. Don't forget to check your spelling! Ask yourself if you want to date someone who does not take the time to check their spelling. We suggest using Microsoft Word, or if you need a quick lookup you can also try using Google to search for the word.
  2. Use current photos that show your face. We all love pictures of celebrities, but the reason singles join Zoosk is to meet other people. Try to post a recent picture of yourself. We also have noticed users with a picture of their face normally receive flirts than users who do not have pictures. Also, try not to use professional or airbrushed photos because many times users assume they are fake pictures.
  3. Talk about your passions, not just general interests. Everyone loves going on vacation and watching movies. Ask yourself what perfect destination spot or movie will make you stick out when someone reads your date card.
  4. Leave the baggage at the door. No one wants to read about your failed relationships. We have all had bad relationships in the past, so let's start with our best foot forward and talk about our future instead of dwelling about our past.
  5. Don't be too detailed or confusing. It is important to be honest, but you don't need to put yourself out there for the world to see. Your profile should not ramble on or be confusing because that special someone may decide in the first few seconds whether they add you as a friend.

Online Dating tips for Girls

  1. Use a picture of you, and not with you and your friends. You will not believe how many times guys will not be able to figure out who you are when you have one picture and it is with you and a friend. Are you the brunette or the blonde? Is that your younger sister or older sister? Avoid the awkwardness of a guy asking who you are in the picture by having a picture of yourself as the main picture. Also remember that blurry shots or ones that are somehow obscure are just the same as not having a photo at all. You should also use a picture that portrays you and who you are. A picture of just your cleavage might make you seem attractive but also think about what kind of audience that will attract and whether you want to date a guy who sent you a message based off of an inappropriate picture instead of more important things such as common interests.
  2. Think about the impression you make if you use your limited profile space to complain about things from your past or things that you don't like in general. Guys don't want to hear about all of the little things that your previous boyfriend did that made him a jerk. Instead of writing about things that you don't enjoy doing with men, talk about things you would like to do together.
  3. CaPiTaLiZEd LeTTeRs makes profiles difficult to read. This is something that we see more in women's profiles then men.

Online Dating tips for Guys

  1. Don't include your last name or something your mother would not approve of as your nickname. First, you should never openly give out any uniquely identifiable information to the public, especially as your nickname. "John S" is ok, but never "John Smith". Second, don't use a nickname your mother would not approve of such as "DrinkingBuddy34" or "OneNightStandGuy" – the first thing someone looks at when your profile loads is your nickname so make sure you put your best foot forward. Use something that will make someone click on your profile to find out more about you. "Hockey Guy 22" if you're favorite thing is hockey, or use "Tall Skier" if you're over 6 feet tall and like to ski. Your nickname gives people a heads-up on what to expect if they decide to find out more about you and want to read your profile.
  2. Don't focus too heavily on work/money. Topics such as how much money you make, what you currently do and where you plan on working in the future are sometimes easier to write about then your personal goals and passions. It is good to have a job and being career orientated but many times women are more interested in what you do when you're not at work. Most likely, the person who you will meet on Zoosk is not a co-worker so the time they will be spending with you will be when you're not in the office. A lot of times it can be difficult to focus on what you are passionate about. Think about places where you would like to visit, or your favorite activity (make sure it is something that you and that special someone can do together). Also remember that you are limited in space, so you don't have to name every single interest in your life, just write about the first two or three things that come to mind because whatever you think of first will probably be what is most important to you.
  3. Don't get into too many specifics about your "ideal match." It is important to list things that you feel are important. Deal breakers such as smoking, drugs, children – it is okay to list things. Being too picky or specific is a turn-off, even if you happen to describe the exact person who is reading your profile. A description such as a 25 year old blonde who stands 5'8" with a Harvard education and no family history of major health problems might be a match made in heaven, but in reality your match might be 26 years old, brunette or attended Stanford instead. If you're in your 30s it is pretty reasonable to look for someone around your age, but if you mention that your cut-off age is 27 and you are 32 it raises a flag why you are not open to dating someone your own age.
  4. Don't sweat the small stuff. It is important not to get too hung up if someone does not message you back or they leave Zoosk before reading your message. Remember that Zoosk is an online dating site with over 50 million profiles, you will be able to find someone but it might not be on the first time you login. Many men decide to subscribe because it allows them unlimited communication with all of the singles on this website. Sending virtual gifts such as flowers or candy also makes a great impression. How many times have you seen a glamorous club or bar that has a line and cover charge? Having a subscription is the same concept. Show that lucky someone that you are more serious about dating and building a relationship than other men on Zoosk by sending flowers or upgrading for unlimited conversations.
  5. Be a man and don't use overly romantic lines or clichés. Having a sensitive side is an important quality to many women; however it is pretty easy for women to identify "online players" who try to use online dating sites by feeding lines. Big red flags include using lines such as "I want to find my soul mate" or "I want to find someone to bring home and meet my mom" – remember that many women turn to online dating sites because they have heard these lines over and over again by men in the past.