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Are You a Hopeless Romantic?

A couple of hopeless romantic people kissing at sunset while wrapped in a blanket.

We can’t all be too cool for love. Even when you pretend not to care, ignore your butterflies, or try your absolute hardest to philander through dating like it’s all fun and games, you know, deep down, you just want to be swept off your feet. Yup, softies like us are all Romeos and Juliets at heart. So if you’re in the closet about your search for star-crossed love, here are 10 signs you’re a hopeless romantic.

1. The Notebook is your love drug.
When your wine buzz isn’t doing the trick, your next best binge is The Notebook. Watching these two love birds chase each other through life is the perfect reminder that true romance exists—at least in Hollywood.

Your imagination gets to run wild, giving you that high of floaty, lovey feelings. Here, you find comfort in picturing your own fairy tale ending. And on some level, the idea of escaping the rain to strip down for some hot makeup sex is pretty inspiring.

2. You’re a forehead-kisser.
Sweet and noble, a forehead kiss is one of life’s purest displays of affection. It shows non-sexual love that’s tender and respectful. If you’re the forehead-kissing type, you know that passionate touching isn’t the only way to express your feelings. You can easily separate lust from love because for you, there’s few things more special than true bonding. You’re definitely a hopeless romantic.

3. You always post your relationship status on Facebook.
The idea of excluding your relationship from the online world is devastating. You crave to celebrate your committed status with an official public announcement—loud-and-proud!

Anything less showy is unacceptable. If you’re ever dating someone who won’t officialize your relationship status, you’ll boil up for a seriously deal-breaking fight. In your view, anyone who won’t post their relationship on Facebook is a sketchy weirdo who still keeps a backlog of exes on the hook. This person will never live up to your romantic standards.

4. You’ve cried after a booty call.
Hopeless romantics aren’t cut out for the hookup life. If you’ve ever tried venturing into the world of casual sex, you’ve probably ended up feeling lonelier and sadder than you had before your dry spell.

In your mind, there’s NEVER no strings attached. There are always strings— your feelings, and they stalk you like a love-hunting shadow with OCD. Not even the hottest booty call will keep you from sulking about the reality that you’d rather be basking in love than in some meaningless, last-minute nooky.

5. You gush at elderly couples.
Your heart melts whenever you see elderly couples together. Spotting some sweet old man sprinkling salt on his wife’s breakfast or an older couple holding hands at the mall are the perfect reminder that love can last. Whenever you see these senior couples together, you observe them and wonder how your life’s experience with love measures up. You hope that one day, maybe in 60 years, you’ll have their luck.

6. You’re a star gazer.
Does stargazing give you a rush? If you’re an over-the-top romantic, a starry night means much more to you than beauty. It’s a moment of deep, beautiful spirituality, the kind that inspires you to appreciate the mysteries of the cosmos. You’ll be tempted to get all philosophical and poetic, so you’ll gaze up at the universe and think about all the infinite possibilities of fate. Yup—you’re a hopeless romantic!

7. You’ve dropped the L Bomb more than five times in your life.
True love is rare—just not for you. You’ve actually had many loves in your life, mainly because you’ve got no filter when it comes to word-vomiting “I love you” in almost all your relationships. But you’ll rarely admit to being more hooked on the idea of saying the words than the real battle to preserve it.

8. You picture marriage after a first date.
A first date is never too soon to picture your happily-ever-after. All you need to get your imagination flowing is some solid chemistry and maybe a few things in common. Then after a cocktail or three, you’ll be fantasizing about your future with this dreamy stranger. Basically, you’ve got passion without reason.

When your friends tell you to be more practical about dating, you ignore their boring, level-headed views on romance. Nobody can burst your cloud! You’ll protect that crazy crystal ball in your head that predicts your perfect future.

9. You get relationship tunnel vision.
When you’re in love, you stop noticing all other beautiful humans on earth. You’re so hopelessly addicted to this person that your brain starts filtering out even the hottest people. In fact, everyone in general becomes boring by comparison. At times, you’ve felt guilty about questioning why you even bother maintaining your friendships at all, seeing them as a second-rate backup to your amazing relationship.

You know being rational isn’t your strong suit, but you’ll never apologize for being a dreamer. You’re a stubborn, hopeless romantic and you’re not afraid to defend the title. Truth be told, there should be more people like you!

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