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70 Pickup Lines that are Actually Kind of Sweet

A woman laughing at her phone at one of these sweet pick up lines.

Finding the courage to create the perfect dating profile and message the person of your dreams could be nerve-wracking. You saw your match, swiped right, studied their photos and bio, now how do you start conversation? And how do you make it memorable?

One of the easiest ways to begin an interesting conversation, is with a thoughtful compliment or a question. And even though pickup lines get a bad reputation, there are some really cute and funny ones that can help you grab someone’s attention without being creepy or weird.

The key is finding the best lines that have a sweet tone and will make your match smile, not cringe. To help you out, here are 70 funny pick-up lines:

Do you know what my sweater is made of? Girlfriend material.

If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber.

Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven?

Guess what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me!

Do you drink Coke? Because you’re so-da-licious!

 just want you to know that if you had a twin I would still choose you.

Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.

 I was wondering if you had an extra heart, mine seems to have been stolen.

Did your license get suspended for driving all these people crazy?

Can you recommend a bank where I can make a deposit? Because I’m planning to save all my love for you.

Is your name Ariel? Cause we Mermaid for each other!

Did you just see Star Wars? Because YODA one for me.

Are you Netflix? Because I could stay up watching you four hours.

Ever wonder how scientists know how dinosaurs sound? I think we should solve this mystery together.

If I received a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have five cents.

You look a lot like my next soul mate.

Are you a beaver? Because damn!

Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for.

Can I be the reason you’re smiling tomorrow?

Do you like water? That’s good—you already like 70% of me.

I started to skip your page because I didn’t want to get catfished. There’s no way someone could be this cute

It’s a good thing I have a library card, because I’m totally checking you out.

You remind me of a magnet because I’m so attracted to you.

Want some okra? No? Well, how about a date?

If I had a dollar for every time I saw the person I want to be with I would have $1 plus a chance with you.

Let’s flip a coin. Head’s your mine, tail’s I’m yours.

I’m no electrician but I can light up your day.

If you were the new burger at McDonald’s, you would be the McGorgeous.

Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

You’re so fine, I wish I could grow a whole field of you.

Are your parents bakers? Because you are a cutie pie.

Hi there. I was wondering if we could get to know each other?

 (inserts a soccer ball emoji) Sorry I kicked my soccer ball into your message, but since I’m over here, how are you?

Can you please take me to the doctor? I think I just broke my leg falling for you.

Is your name Wi-fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection.

There are some things in life I can handle, but not making you smile is not one of them.

I’m new in town. Can I have directions to your heart, please?

Are you a banana because I find you a peeling.

Your hand looks heavy. Here, let me hold it for you.

You dropped something. My jaw!

Aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?

You look familiar, didn’t we take a class together. I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.

Hi, I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?

Do you have a band-aid? I just scraped my knee falling for you.

If you were steak, you would be well done.

You breathe oxygen too? We have so much in common.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?

Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?

You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?

My doctor said I’m lacking Vitamin U.

Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u!

You must be a broom, ‘cause you swept me off my feet.

Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

If you and I were socks we’d sure make a great pair.

Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!

Is there an airport nearby or is my heart taking off?

The best thing to remember about these lines is that they are all light-hearted. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the response you were looking for. Remain positive, keep your sense of humor and try practicing what you want to say!

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