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10 Things Han Solo and Princess Leia Taught Us About Love

Princess Lei and Han Solo about to kiss.

He’s a stuck-up, scruffy-looking nerf herder who drives a craptastic spaceship. She’s a tough-as-nails princess who looks good sporting a pair of cinnamon buns atop her head. Together, Han Solo and Princess Leia make the First Couple of sci-fi. Their hot/cold romance is one of the most scintillating that has ever existed in any galaxy, this one or one that is far far away. They bickered, they flirted and when they finally made their relationship status “official,” we all cheered. Because in spite of a big giant slug called Jabba, Storm Troopers, and Darth Vader, Han and Leia’s relationship was real and pure.

Here’s what we can learn from them when it comes to a force stronger than The Force: Love.

No One is Out of Your League


If you’re attracted to someone, don’t let anything stand in your way – not even the issue of her being a princess. When Han meets Leia for the first time, he asks Luke Skywalker, “You think a princess and a guy like me…?” To which Luke responds with a flat-out: “No.” But that didn’t stop Han from going after what he wanted, proving that cockiness (sometimes) gets the girl.

Have a Wingman

star wars chewie

When out traipsing on the dating scene, it’s always a good idea to bring along a wingman to help you shoot down undesirable targets, steer clear of conflict and basically back you up when the going gets tough. Also helps if said wingman is a 7’6”-foot-tall Wookiee who can ride like the wind.

It’s OK If Your Feelings Are Extreme

leia and han out of league

Remember: according to Han Solo, when you meet someone for the first time, and you start thinking, “Either I’m going to kill her, or I’m beginning to like her” that is a terrific indicator of a full-blown (no pun intended) romance.

Be Yourself


Leia didn’t pull any punches when she first met Han – despite the fact that he was rescuing her. “This is some rescue!” She cried when Han and Luke came to her aid on the Death Star, and began pointing out the flaws in their rescue attempt. “No reward is worth this,” Han shot back. They definitely didn’t play nice nor were they on their best behavior, but it was their authenticity that fueled their attraction.

Date Around

luke-leia kiss

A little competition is healthy, especially if the object of your affection is acting like a “nerf herder.” Pull a Leia and call out your crush’s bravado before passionately kissing someone else in front of him (bonus points if you smack one on your bro). That’ll teach your date to take your feelings for granted.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Sometimes

star wars medal ceremony

At the medal ceremony, Leia’s huge smile and Han’s wink that he shoots at her perfectly summarizes the attraction and connection they share. Sometimes words get in the way, so let your body (language) do the talking.

Let Your Guard Down

han and leia first kiss

Despite all the sniping and barbs exchanged between them, Princess Leia had to finally stop putting Han at a distance and Han had to finally check his ego at the door and go in for what they both really wanted: a kiss. Their first kiss on the Millennium Falcon is the culmination of vulnerability and compromise — and shutting up.

You Gotta Take a Risk

leia rescues han

Leia risks everything to rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt’s palace. Sure, he’s an ego maniac and, yes, they squabble a lot, but she loves him and she believes their relationship is worth dying for. When you have such a strong feeling about someone, you gotta risk big to reap the big rewards.

You Will Hurt Each Other

leia and han hurt

No matter how much a couple is in love, it’s inevitable they will hurt each other. When Leia refuses to tell Han what’s bothering her in the Ewok Village, he cries out of frustration, “Could you tell Luke? Is that who you could tell?” He storms off, only to realize he’s hurt her feelings and returns to embrace her, which demonstrates another important lesson: with hurt, also comes forgiveness – another vital part in relationships.

Say “I Love You”

i love han leia

When your girlfriend says, “I love you,” for the first time, don’t respond with a smug, “I know,” or you will certainly be frozen in carbonite for an indefinite period of time. Say “I love you” back, or don’t say anything at all. (Unless you’re Harrison Ford; then you can say pretty much anything you want.)

Photos by: Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

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