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Friendship Signs: Is Your Friendship Meant to Be, According to the Stars?

Two BFFs who share friendship signs laughing while playing wish sparklers.

Astrology isn’t just for learning more about your romantic compatibility; it’s also a means to gain a better understanding of your friendships too. So if it’s said that friends are the family we choose, then what do the stars have to say about your chosen tribe members?

Every zodiac sign carries a unique energy, which can either connect to or repel you from your own astrological energy. Understanding someone’s sun sign will give you a personal guide to cultivating a happy, lasting friendship. Things like how they handle conflict, what their friendship values are, and whether or not their idea of a fun Saturday night aligns with yours.

Curious about which sign is your true BFF? Here’s a quick peek into what astrology says about which signs are best friend material for you, based on your zodiac sign. The following is just a sample of what you can read in my latest book Friendship Signs, out on May 14th from Adams Media/Simon & Schuster.

BFF alert. These two fire signs are all about adventure, and they both have the high energy to explore each new experience that comes their way. Thanks to a healthy dose of competition, there will never be a dull moment between these friends. Leo engages the more playful side of Aries, helping them to lighten up whiles Aries helps turn the lavish dreams of the lion into reality.

Consider these two soulmates! Both practical and organized, these signs admire and respect each other. Whether cooking a new recipe or planning a vacation, Taurus and Virgo work seamlessly together. They adore each other’s company and appreciate that they can do a lot of nothing together.

This is an easy connection that feels meant to be. Both Gemini and Libra love going out and socializing, and since each understands the other’s need for more friends and experiences, they seldom get jealous or feel left out. However, agreeing on where to hang out can be a challenge as Libra is consistently indecisive and Gemini is known to change their minds at the drop of a hat.

This connection truly feels meant to be. Through heartbreak, laughter, and countless nights watching rom-com movies, Cancer and Pisces embody #friendshipgoals. Their emotional bond is intuitive, which means they profoundly understand each other. Because these two signs are so in tune with their emotions, don’t be surprised if there are a lot of feels occurring during Netflix nights in.

A classic BFF combo. These playful and adventurous souls delight in each other’s company and are destined to take many trips together. Leo provides the security, while Sag is the explorer that Leo craves. Together, they’ll enjoy many exciting journeys together.

These two earth signs know they can count on each other no matter what. They appreciate each other’s loyalty and stability, and always enjoy themselves no matter what they’re doing, from going hiking to attending concerts together. Time and distance is never a factor for their strong connection.

These two share a mental connection like no other. They love taking yoga classes together, and enjoy stimulating conversations on a wide range of topics, from politics to pop culture. They also enjoy bonding over social justice causes and volunteer work.

Because both Scorpio and Cancer deal with life through an emotional lens, they’ll feel more comfortable sharing their innermost secrets and emotions with each other than with other signs. Both water signs, they’ll also bond over water activities and any creative endeavor.

This is complementary combo like chips and guac. These two definitely know how to play well together, whether it’s enjoying a fitness class or painting the town red. Both are quick to forgive, so not even a conflict will keep them from embarking on the next adventure together.

These two feel very at home with another. They enjoy talking about their wildest dreams because they understand each other. Both earth signs with refined tastes, these two can enjoy spending time in the great outdoors as well as dining out at the latest restaurant.

These two social air signs share a special bond. Both inquisitive and intelligent, they love palling around together, and never run out of things to talk about. As they don’t tend to feel things too deeply, there’s little chance they’ll hurt each other’s feelings and are quick to forgive and forget.

These two provide each other with a friendship that is both fun, feel-y, and free. They can tell each other their deepest secrets and reveal their rawest feelings in absolute confidence. Both highly creative people and water signs, they will enjoy collaborating on artistic projects while also spending time together in water, like swimming or snorkeling.

Want to learn more about how star signs affect friendship? Check out my book Friendship Signs, out on May 14th from Adams Media/Simon & Schuster.

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