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Does He Love Me? 8 Signs That Tell You Yes

A woman wondering, "does he love me?" while her boyfriend kisses her cheek.

If you’re in that cloudy, in-between phase of your relationship, unsure of whether the love is casually building, cluelessly teetering, or just plain non-existent, you’re in dire need of clarity. The truth can be hard to get to however, especially if the guy you’re worth doesn’t always match his actions to his words.

If you’re wondering if he loves you and how you can know how he feels, here are a few signs to look out for:

He notices the details
A man who appreciates all your details is hypnotized by you. He finds your qualities so tantalizing, from the way you eat to how you laugh, that observing all your unique habits has become his favorite pastime. Yup, he’s got his love blinders on. In fact, if he’s seriously enamored by you, not only will he notice your cute traits, but even your odd or eccentric ones.

Perhaps you’re clumsy, fidgety, or awkward. In his eyes, it’s all part of the wonderfully exciting package that makes you his woman. If he values these things, he’s falling for you deeply, both inside and out. He’s a keeper!

Sex is secondary to intimacy.
Sex is important, but not as much as closeness. When a guy is falling in love with you, his desire to bond with you emotionally overpowers his baser biological urges. He doesn’t just see you as a sexual plaything but a true buddy, someone who accepts him fully and who will tackle life’s adventures by his side.

If he’s the one, this quality of companionship is achieved through intimacy, something he craves when he’s  falling in love with you. He’ll start to trust you more and expose his vulnerable side. You’ll see his fears, insecurities, and hopes because he can feel safe with you, knowing that you’ll always guide him.

Intimacy also changes the nature of your physical relationship. He’ll grow more comfortable with with long eye contact, holding your hand, and even your baggage (figuratively speaking). Yet for other guys, intimacy can take on other less-romantic forms: you know, releasing farts or a sneaky pick of his nose.

He’s always available.
Men make time for things that matter. When he’s falling in love with you, he’ll put you first. No matter how busy he gets, you’ll enjoy premium ranking on his priority list. You’ll rarely hear about reasons why he can’t see you—unless it’s work-related, and even then, he’ll berate his boss before being unable to see you!

A guy who’s falling in love with you won’t want long breaks from you. Your absence just stings too much. So naturally, you’re a priority that feels natural and automatic as getting dressed in the morning.

He’s a REAL gentleman (and stays one).
A guy who’s falling in love with you will share his best self. Offering his respect and admiration, he’ll act like a perfect gentleman because he earnestly wants to impress you. Look out for actions like opening doors for you, holding your coat or offering to carry your bags.

He’s the real deal if he stays this sweet. Although it’s not practical to consistently always be Mr.Romantic, there’s a huge difference between getting comfortable in a relationship and getting careless.

He talks about the future.
Real love has a future; real love in the moment is just sex. When a man is truly in love, he may accidentally or intentionally blab about a possible future together. Since he’s already been imagining this prospect, it’s hard not to share—especially because he’s eager for you to feel the same.

Yet, don’t get fantasy confused with reality. Having some transparency about the future is good, but his love doesn’t award you a crystal ball. Talks about the future will be more practical. You don’t necessarily have to “set a date”, but you’ll have a reasonable notion of when a ring might make an appearance. And if you’re not already living together, this topic will become a priority. 

He cuddles you.
Cuddling is one of the most powerful forms of intimacy. This level of closeness requires you both to be vulnerable, able to look each other in the eyes with pure comfort or even flirt in your own silly ways, from poking to tickling. Does he love these moments with you? The it’s a likely sign his feelings are real!

He makes you feel special.
And now for the most obvious sign a guy likes you: he makes you feel special. Each time you’re around him, you feel more confident, valued, and happy, mostly because you deserve to feel this way, but also because you found a great guy who’s smart enough to recognize it.

Unlike those crazy, drama-filled relationships, you’ll rarely have such toxic ups and downs with a kind guy who adores you. Simply put, if he makes you smile, keep him.

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