How To Use Dating Profile Headlines To Attract Guys Successfully

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Everyone is on a dating app for the same reason. Those reasons might vary a bit, but essentially we’re all there looking for someone to connect with. Are you hoping to meet someone to have a fun night with? Or a stronger, potentially lifelong connection?

Regardless of the level of connection you’re looking for, having a strong dating profile will help you capture the attention of the right person. We have a few tips on how to use dating profile headlines to attract guys and up your online dating game. 

Smart Tips On How to Use Dating Profile Headlines To Attract Guys Online

Be clear about what you’re looking for
This doesn’t have to mean you say that you’re looking for a husband. But it’s okay to be clear about why you’re on dating apps. Be clever about it and use it as a chance to express part of your personality. 

 “Seeking someone to go on long drives with.” 

“Seeking someone to be my +1 for weddings this summer.” 

“Seeking someone to debate over a game of Yahtzee.” 

These examples imply what you’re looking for without having to spell it out. Letting men know what you’re looking for is a great way to use your dating profile headlines to attract guys! 

Tell them about yourself
A dating profile headline to attract a guy can be as simple as you explaining who you are. “I’m driven, kind, and hilarious.” What better or more clear way to attract someone than just detailing the qualities you like best about yourself? Who wouldn’t want to get to know someone who is driven, kind, and hilarious?

Use a few descriptors to explain yourself. Ask your friends if you need help. It’s hard to talk yourself up sometimes, so call up your bestie. What are friends for? 

Make a reference
Dating someone who likes the same movies or television shows as you do does not mean you will be compatible. But it can’t hurt to have that in common! At the end of the day, snuggling up with your favorite show and crush is a dream. Use your dating profile headline to attract guys by making a pop culture reference.

If he gets it, you know he’s at least worth chatting with. “Looking for the Jack Dawson to my Rose.” If he’s a Titanic person, he won’t pass that up. 

Lead with a question
It’s much harder to scroll on by a tempting question. If you want to attract guys with your dating profile headline, tempt them with a big question mark. “Have you ever gone skydiving?” or “If you had a full week off, how would you spend it?” Ask something that you genuinely want responses to, otherwise you might get annoyed.

You can use your dating profile headline to gather research. Are you interested in guys that have gone skydiving? Or are you afraid of people who want to jump out of planes? Whatever the reason you’re asking, you’re sure to attract guys with a fun question. 

Talk about your favorite things
What are your favorite things? Dogs, wine, and Netflix? Great! Use your dating profile headline to attract guys by just telling them what you like. If someone sees your profile and they also like dogs, wine, and Netflix, the chances they’ll match with you is high.

It may not feel creative, but it’s an easy way to get started. List three of your favorite things and you will find someone who likes at least one or two of those things, if not all three.

Follow the 70:30 Rule
Math comes into play for the best dating profile headline to attract guys. According to the Daily Beast, “the perfect description falls in a 70:30 ratio of what you are like to what you want.” There’s no need to panic if you aren’t a math person. Really, the 70:30 ratio of what you like to what you want is simple. Describe yourself briefly and tack on what you’re looking for in a man. 

The article continues on, using the following example, “Genuine, attractive, outgoing, professional female, good sense of humor, into keeping fit, socializing, music and travel, seeks like-minded, good-natured guy to share quality times.” 

It may seem boring or uncreative, but sometimes, simple is best. 

Attracting a guy on a dating app can be easy, but you want to attract the right guy for you. By following our tips to use dating profile headlines to attract guys, you will make a match or two or three!

The most important thing to remember overall is to be yourself. If you’re unsure what to say or how to attract a guy, rely on your personality and charm. Talk about what you like, what you’re looking for, and what you’re interested in. The right guy will like you for all of those things. Good luck! 

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