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8 Dating Profile No-no’s That Make You Get Passed On

A woman posing in front of her bathroom mirror showing off her abs and doing one of these dating profile no nos.

Using a dating app takes a lot of work… Well, it should if you’re putting the right amount of effort in. When you’re creating a dating profile on any of the popular apps, it’s important to remain intentional and remember that you’re basically trying to sell yourself to someone who has the potential to be your next partner. There are so many little things that you could put in your profile, that can automatically make someone swipe left without a single consideration of the person you may be.

Because of that, it’s important to realize what you’re putting out there and how it may come across to someone who has never met you in real life. Dating apps are all about assessing people based on their pictures, the content of their profile, and what they’ve chosen to share about themselves.

If you’re unsure if you’re doing it right, here are a few dating profile “no-no”s that should be avoided at all costs. 

Including pictures of yourself with attractive people. 
When someone sees a man with a super attractive woman in his profile picture, it’s honestly kind of confusing. Are you posing with your sister and she happens to be attractive? Is this your ex-girlfriend but you’re on good terms? Does this women know that she’s featured in your Tinder picture? It makes the guy seem like he’s trying to show off. As in, “Hey, check out this hot chick I hang out with.” And it’s even more of a turn-off if it’s a picture with a cheerleader, a Hooters server, or a Nascar girl.

And let’s not just pick on the heterosexual guys, same goes for everyone. If you have a picture you’re proud of simply because you’re posing next to an attractive person, rethink including that on your profile. It does not make you more desirable. Instead, it actually comes off as a little desperate and weird 

Using gym selfie.
Just don’t include them. We’ll be able to tell if you work out—gym selfie included or not.

Listing a bunch of personality traits.
While it’s great if you feel like you’re, “funny, honest, empathetic, smart, kind, adventurous, and deep,” it’s entirely unnecessary to include a massive list of personality traits on your profile. First of all, who decided you’re those things? Did you decide? Have you heard those things from all of your friends and your family? Great—but no matter how you phrase it, you come off as braggadocious. Leave some things for your potential date to figure out on their own. Listing out every wonderful thing you think about yourself is a major turn-off. You can say you have a great sense of humor, but it’s even more impactful to prove it in real life. 

Mirror selfies.
They’re just kind of silly. Keep them out of the dating profile and use a nice candid instead.

Insulting other people.
Everyone has come across that dating app bio that says something like, “not looking for [insert insulting comment here].” If you’re the kind of person who is putting down other people in order to find someone, no one wants to talk to you. Calling your ex or all women or all men “crazy” or “disloyal” or anything else insulting is not a good look. Don’t do it.

Listing your height.
Sure, some people care about height. But so many dating profiles read, “6’2 because apparently that’s important” and it’s really boring. Just let your height come out naturally when you meet in real life or as the conversation is flowing naturally. It comes across as a brag or a self-deprecating thought and overall, physicalities like that shouldn’t matter anyway.

Acting dismissive.
Telling people in your bio to “swipe left if …” is obnoxious and pretty rude. There are other ways to tell someone you aren’t interested in them—let them decide which way they’ll swipe. “Swipe left if you’re the kind of girl who takes 100 selfies a day” is a judgment and comes across as really negative. Leave that line out entirely because it makes you come across as callous and judgmental. 

Complaining about your experience online dating.
We all know what it’s like to get frustrated with online dating. It can be hard and disheartening when you’re trying hard to make a real connection and falling flat. However, adding things to your profile like, “not interested in a pen pal,” or, “don’t want to text forever and am actually looking for a date,” sound pushy and rude and will turn off people who actually are interested in meeting up.

While listing your height or having a picture with an attractive friend may seem innocuous, it’s these little things that can turn off a lot of people who might really enjoy getting to know you. Avoid the above missteps and you may have better luck meeting people. 

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