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7 Things to Know Before Using 50 and Over Dating Sites

A couple who met on a 50 and over dating site, sitting on a bench and cuddling a little in the sun.

If you find yourself single and ready to mingle after 50, you’ll find that the dating landscape has probably changed dramatically since the last time you were looking for a partner—or at least a hot Friday night date. For starters, most people are meeting online now, which means you might want to check out a 50 and over dating site.

If you’re looking for love—or at least willing to dip your toe back into the dating pool—here are some tips to be aware of before going online so you feel less like a dinosaur, and more like the dynamo you are.

1. Do your homework.
There are a number of online dating sites out there, especially for people who are 50 and over, so spend some time researching senior dating sites that best fit your needs. There are some sites that are free, and some which require a fee. Paid websites tend to weed out those who are looking for a casual dalliances, but to each their own!

It would be wise to search out sites that align with your values and relationship goals, so take your time looking for the best one for you. If that means trying out one site for a month and then switching to another to experiment, then that’s totally fine. It’s all about your comfort level.

2. Don’t be afraid to be your unique self.
We know: preparing an online profile can be a little awkward at times. No one really likes talking about themselves. But this is your only opportunity to let your wonderful personality shine through, so don’t be afraid to express your unique self.

Avoid clichés like, “I enjoy long walks on the beach,” and get specific. You not only want to stand out, but the more specific you are about what you want, the greater the chance you’ll find someone who will meet those qualities. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of your friends who would be able to piece together an accurate portrait of yourself along with choosing the right photos that really show off your radiant self. Because photos are key!

3. Don’t forget to be playful.
Dating is supposed to be fun! Don’t forget that part. So flirt! Engage with your matches in a playful manner. Reveal your easygoing, light-hearted side and don’t be afraid to feel like a kid again. That’s the wonderful part about love—it makes you feel young at heart no matter what age you are.

4. Keep an open mind.
While our tendency might be to hone in on that one match who we feel “gets us,” it’s important not to limit your options. It’s okay to engage with, and even date, a few matches at a time. Also, allow yourself to date someone completely different from who you are. You’re at a different place in your life. Who you were used to dating in the past might not be the best match for who you are now. Know your deal breakers, but don’t be afraid to break old patterns so you’re able to see new possibilities.

5. Meet in a safe place.
When you meet someone who you’re interested in, it’s important to exercise caution. Don’t exchange phone numbers right away and agree to meet in a safe public place, like a coffee shop. This is crucial since you need to vet this person, and discover that they’re who they say they are. Let your friends and family know where you’re meeting and when. While most people are honest and have good intentions, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

6. Educate yourself about romance scams.
Many people have never even heard of online dating scams or romance scams but they do exist. It’s exciting to meet new people but remember that everyone isn’t always what they seem. The sad truth is that scammers purposefully target people on online dating sites because they know that when romantic feelings and strong emotions are involved, people are more likely to agree to crazy things like sending money to people they don’t even know. Learn about how to spot an online dating scammer, or read these examples of things scammers say, so you know what to look out for.

7. Don’t take online dating too personally.
Online dating can be messy. People flirt and engage, and then disappear (otherwise known as “ghosting”). You might even go out on what you think was amazing date, and then never hear or see that person again. While it’s easy to feel rejected, it’s crucial to understand that dating is a numbers game. Sometimes we need to kiss a lot of frogs (or chat with them anyway) in order to find that one match who will stay for the long haul. Try to see dating as a fun opportunity in which you get to know a number of interesting people who are all helping you along your journey to find the true match for you.

Ultimately, dating should be an enjoyable experience. Online dating might be a new experience for you, but that’s what makes it even more exciting. Take the risk, and you never know, you might find love the second time around.

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