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How to Be Romantic Without Being Cheesy

A message written on a rainy window that says good morning from a man who learned how to be romantic.

There comes a time in every serious relationship where you get comfortable with your partner. You let your guard down, stop trying to be perfect all the time, and reveal your true self. While being in a comfortable relationship is a relationship goal in itself, it’s important to remember to take time to keep the romance alive.

Romantic gestures don’t always have to be grand, sweeping, and rival the plot of a romantic comedy. Sometimes, the smaller everyday gestures can be the most thoughtful. If you’re not sure how to be romantic without being cheesy, here are some tips to help you rekindle the flame and make magical moments together.

Take them on a date.
No, not a date night on the couch with pizza and Netflix. We’re talking about a proper date. Every once and a while, it’s important to actually get out of the house together. You don’t have to get gussied up and dine at a five-star restaurant, but it is nice to go somewhere and spend quality time together.

Pay them a compliment.
More than anything, people in a relationship want to feel like their partner is listening to them. One of best ways to prove that you’re paying attention, is by complimenting someone. Tell them that they look nice, that you love their sense of humor, or that they whipped up a delicious baked ziti for dinner. Compliments are an easy but incredibly rewarding way to be romantic.

Sing their praises to others, too.
Sometimes, a compliment means even more when it’s paid indirectly. If your significant other got a big promotion, said something funny, or did something particularly thoughtful, don’t be afraid to brag about them the next time you’re out with friends. It shows that you’re proud of them—and proud to be with them, too.

Write a love note.
This treads dangerously into cheesy territory, but when done well, a love note is anything but cheesy. Write down why you love your partner and leave the note in their pocket, in purse, or on their pillow. They’re guaranteed to keep it somewhere special and look back at it often.

Give them a massage.
The next time you’re watching TV or relaxing in bed, offer to give you partner a massage. It’s an unexpected but welcome offer that nobody can turn down.

Get them a “just because” gift.
It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts. A new journal, a bag of their favorite fresh coffee beans, or a succulent are great ideas. If they ask what the occasion is, tell them that it’s just because you love them.

Recreate one of your “firsts.”
Go back to the park where you met, stop by the coffee shop where you had your first date, or (if you’re married) make a reservation at the restaurant where you proposed. Nostalgia is terribly romantic.

Put your phone down.
These days, we’re on our phones 24/7, opening and closing the same few apps just to pass the time. But inevitably, picking up your phone to check a notification quickly leads to 20 minutes of mindless scrolling. If you make an effort to stay off your phone, they’ll notice and follow suit. If they don’t, a simple “Hey, my eyes are up here!” will playfully send the message. It sounds like a simple gesture but trust me: It goes a long way and shows that you’re fully focused on your partner.

Above all else, a romantic gesture is one that will mean something special to your partner. Do something thoughtful that shows you’re thinking of them and they’ll be swooning in no time.

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