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8 Relationship Goals That Mean More Than a Meme

A couple who has relation relationship goals hugging at the beach.

We’ve all heard the term “relationship goals.” People use it in photos and memes on social media all the time to illustrate behavior of so-called “perfect” couples: “He surprised me with flowers! We’re total #RelationshipGoals.” But much like everything else on social media, these posts are often only show what they want you to see. So what exactly are true relationship goals?

There’s nothing wrong with posting a cheeky relationship goals picture on social media. But if you want to achieve real relationship goals, spend less time worrying about how others perceive your relationship and spend more time fostering a happy, healthy partnership. While hashtags and memes are funny, these are the real relationship goals that make a couple strong.

1. Agreeing about the future.
Being on the same page about everything from marriage to kids to finances is extremely important in a serious long-term relationship. Yet not everyone has these serious conversations before getting engaged or even married.

2. Being there through good times and bad.
There’s a reason traditional wedding vows ask you to honor each other in sickness and in health. Life isn’t always easy, but in a strong relationship, you’ll be able to take the good with the bad. A partner who stand by your side in your darkest hour beats a bouquet of flowers any day.

3. Taking care of each other.
A real relationship goal is having a partner who takes care of you and your heart. That doesn’t mean they want to control you or make decisions for you—it means they want the best for you and will do whatever they can to help make you happy.

4. Allowing each other privacy…
If their computer is open, do you peek at their inbox? If their phone is unlocked, do you scroll through their texts? To couples that are true relationship goals, snooping is not even a consideration, because it’s not on their radar. They allow each other privacy and don’t have a reason to get suspicious.

5. …and feeling secure about it.
In other words, trusting your partner so much that lying or cheating is a non-issue. Real relationship goals means never having to worry about your partner doing something to violate your trust.

6. Getting comfortable, but not too comfortable.
It’s nice when couples settle in and feel comfortable being their truest selves around one another. But it’s still important not to take the other person for granted.

7. Making each other feel loved.
Everyone wants to feel wooed from time to time. But you don’t always need to make big grand gestures to be romantic. Small gestures, like sending an encouraging text or surprising them with their favorite ice cream, are nice ways to show you still want to woo your partner months and years into your relationship.

8. Respecting each other.
The biggest relationship goal of all is having mutual respect for one another. It’s vitally important to respect each other’s feelings and opinions. If you don’t respect each other, you can’t grow together.

Remember, achieving relationship goals isn’t as easy as some couples make it look. Relationships require a lot of hard work and dedication. But if you’re both up to the task, you’ll discover the true meaning of relationship goals.

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