Zoosk: The Best North Carolina Dating Site

North Carolina has everything from major cities, like Charlotte, to Tobacco Road college towns to rural areas where everyone knows everyone else. No matter where you live, Zoosk will work for you.

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Did you know that there are 3.6 million single adults between the ages of 18 and 65 in the Tarheel State? With numbers like that, you’d think that finding significant romantic connections would be as easy as walking out the front door or driving to the supermarket. But the reality is that finding someone special is never that easy. Zoosk is a dating site and app that matches members who have a high likelihood of compatibility with one another. It’s designed to level the playing field. You could hit a hundred events, concerts, festivals, or just attend nights on the town and never meet someone who is truly worthwhile.

Or you can sign up for Zoosk and choose from a curated list of members that are highly compatible with your wants and needs. Sign up for the Basic program for free. If you like our platform — and we know you will — you can upgrade to a Premium account without having to rebuild your dating profile. Try Zoosk today.  

North Carolina Dating Site

North Carolina has everything from major cities, like Charlotte, to Tobacco Road college towns to rural areas where everyone knows everyone else. No matter where you live, Zoosk will work for you. When you set up your profile, you can finetune your settings to meet members in your geographic area. Of course, your search is not limited to geographic convenience. You are able to enter your desired age range, gender, religion, relationship, ethnicity, education, and more!

Once you set up your preferences and profile, you’ll be ready to go. Our scientific matching algorithms will find members who match your preferences and present them for your selection. If you match with a member, you can communicate via the private messaging system until you’re ready to meet. 

Benefits of Using Zoosk

Why is Zoosk the top dating site for singles in North Carolina? Here are the features that have so many single North Carolinians signing up:

  • Zoosk has over 40 million members worldwide. 
  • We have among the highest percentage of active memberships. We frequently remove inactive accounts. 
  • Our personality test helps us better understand who you are, what you’re looking for, and the types of members that will ensure a successful match. 
  • There’s a risk-free Basic plan that can be easily upgraded to a Premium plan. 
  • Search settings allow members to narrow their searches based on multiple criteria. 
  • Safety measures reduce the risk of encountering fake accounts or bad actors. 
  • Super Send feature allows users to send messages to multiple people at once. 

Zoosk vs. Other Top North Carolina Dating Apps

If you’re one of those singles who have sworn off other dating sites, either because you didn’t like the interface, you kept getting ghosted, or you just found the number of choices overwhelming, you owe it to yourself to try Zoosk. 

While we have Carousel, which is similar to some of the random-matching features you’ve probably seen on Tinder or Bumble — although many members prefer our interface — the main difference is in the matching algorithm. We use SmartPick technology to gather information about your dating preferences and choices and present a curated list of other members that align with your goals. Because this applies to all members, your profile is also being shown to members who are seeking what you have to offer. 

On a typical dating site, you could swipe on 100 profiles, get a handful of matches (usually based on how well the other member likes your main picture), chat endlessly, and maybe get one date, which has a low probability of leading to a second encounter. Or you can really up the odds of making a meaningful connection with Zoosk. With 40 million active users, if you aren’t seeing what you like, adjust your settings until you’re happy with the results. 

Singles in North Carolina.

Features of Zoosk for North Carolina Users

Zoosk offers many member features. Some of these are available on other sites, while others aren’t. It’s the entire package that makes Zoosk the site of choice among North Carolina singles who are serious about dating and relationships. Here are some of the features that Zoosk Premium members enjoy and love. 

  • Scientific Psychological Quiz – This test offers dozens of personality-based questions for members to answer. Once it’s completed, we have a very good idea of who you are, what you’re looking for, and who would be your ideal match. Our algorithm then presents you with a list of singles that you are likely to be interested in who are also predisposed to like you. 
  • Phone App – Premium members have access to our phone app, which is compatible with both an Android dating app and an iOS dating app
  • Unlimited Private Messaging – This is an excellent feature for safety-conscious individuals who would prefer to keep their personal information private. Premium members can chat from the site or the app at their leisure. 
  • See Who Viewed Your Profile – Find out which members are showing interest when they visit your profile. 
  • Access to Additional Filters – Narrow your search based on your specific tastes and interests. 
  • Carousel – This feature works more like a traditional dating app, allowing you to choose or reject profiles. It’s a great way to see what’s out there.
  • Security – Zoosk takes member safety seriously. Our security team reviews all reports to ensure that scammers and frauds are kept off the site. In addition, bots and scammers are less likely to choose Zoosk since the psychological quiz takes longer to complete. 

Try our Basic platform to explore Zoosk. If you like what you find, you can unlock Premium features without changing your account. Try Zoosk today!

Tips for Creating a Zoosk Dating Profile for North Carolina Users 

Part of the keys to success on Zoosk or any other dating platform is to have a great profile. Here are a few suggestions to make your profile stand out and draw the interest of other members:

Include Lots of Recent Pictures 

Many members make the mistake of only including one photo or adding too many pictures of pets, flowers, sunsets, or other subjects. While it’s fine to add a few pictures of your hobbies, interests, or just pretty things, members are going to want to see what you look like.

Include several recent unfiltered photos that show your face and body at different angles. Of course, you should use flattering photos, but don’t be deceptive. Here’s a good mix of pictures: a profile shot, a full-body image, and other pictures that show you in formal and casual settings. Make sure you don’t include images of other people without their permission. 

Talk About Your Self With Honesty and Humility

Yes, you are selling yourself in a sense, but exaggerating aspects of your life that you’re particularly proud of can have the opposite effect. If you’re passionate about your hobby or a social cause, write it in your profile. Keep it positive! It’s a far better idea to tell members what you like and just leave off the things you don’t. For example, “I love sushi!” reads better than “I abhor pizza!”

Be Open About What You’re Searching For

Consider these two types of daters. One is a man in his late twenties who is looking for a woman to marry and start a family with. The other is a woman in her early thirties who is recently divorced and is looking for a friend who would like to take things slowly. While their personalities may match, they aren’t looking for the same thing. It would be unlikely that our algorithm would pair the two people in this scenario, but in the event they did find each other, it’s better that they know what each other is looking for. This starts with self-evaluation. Once you decide what you want out of Zoosk, you’ll know how to set your search settings and what to write in your profile. 

Use Humor

If you’ve come away with the impression that your profile needs to be serious for serious dating, you couldn’t be more off. Humor is a great way to show how fun you can be. Avoid mean-spirited jokes. Dad jokes can be fantastic icebreakers, even if you’re not a dad. You can always just search the internet for funny one-liners if you can’t come up with anything on your own. 

Safety Tips for Using Dating Sites

Zoosk is among the safest dating sites on the market. However, members must guard themselves against fraud and other crimes. Here are some tips for safe dating on Zoosk.

  • Do not put personal information in your profile. 
  • Make sure your photos don’t disclose details about your place of employment or your home. For example, wearing a company shirt or a security badge that shows where you work. 
  • Use Zoosk’s messaging feature until you feel comfortable enough to share another method of contact. 
  • Avoid sharing the email you use to log into your financial accounts with other members. You can always create a new email just for online dating. 
  • Create a difficult password for your Zoosk account.
  • Try to schedule a video call before meeting a member for a date. This will help you avoid catfish and other bad actors.
  • Meet in a public place for your first date. 
  • Never disclose your address or invite someone you haven’t met in person to your home. 
  • If you go to a second location on your date, do not accept a ride.
  • Let a friend or family member know your plans. Check-in with them when you arrive and when you leave. If you go to a second place, update them. 

This may seem like a lot of safety precautions, but they’re not that difficult to incorporate into your search, and they will make you much safer. Trust us. Other members will understand. 

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With our Basic plan, you can set up your profile and explore our website. If you are serious about meeting compatible singles in your area, switching to the Premium plan is easy and doesn’t require a new signup. Find the dating partner you deserve on Zoosk!