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Whether you are a man who has transitioned to a woman, a woman who transitioned to a man, currently transitioning, identify as non-binary, or identify as another gender, you will find a safe space in Zoosk.

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Zoosk is one of the most well-known dating sites in the US, recognized by thousands of members as a trusted way to meet real people. Our site and dating app puts the excitement back into meeting singles online. It’s pretty clever too; behavioral matchmaking and neat personalization features make searching for other singles easy, fun, and safe. Why not find out what we’re all about and give us a go today!

At Zoosk, we believe love is love, which is why we run one of the most inclusive, non-discriminatory internet dating sites and apps there is. This could be a welcome relief for trans individuals who, in recent years, have faced a resurgence of discrimination. Whether you are a man who has transitioned to a woman, a woman who transitioned to a man, currently transitioning, identify as non-binary, or identify as another gender, you will find a safe space in Zoosk. 

Our scientific psychological profile targets connecting members with compatible personalities — not gender features. Whether you prefer to date specifically within the trans community or you are attracted to non-trans Zoosk members, you can narrow or widen your search parameters accordingly. 

Interesting Facts About the Transgender Population

Did you know that there are 1.6 million people aged 13 or higher who identify as trans? This is according to a study by the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute. While that number may sound like a lot, it’s only about .5% of the U.S. teen and adult population. That means that you would have to meet roughly 200 other people before randomly connecting with a trans individual. 

One of the reasons that so many members of the trans community, and the LGBTQ community as a whole, choose Zoosk is because it helps them narrow their search against these tremendous odds.

Benefits of Using Zoosk as a Trans Person

There are many reasons to use Zoosk. Here are some that tend to appeal to our trans members. 

Large Trans Populations

With 40 million members, Zoosk is one of the largest dating applications in the world. Once you adjust for the fact that Zoosk members are all adults, we have approximately 160,000 members of the transgender community on our site. Also, consider the fact that some members are open or would actually prefer to date a trans person, even if they are not trans themselves. 

Member Safety is Our Priority

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 17.2% of hate crimes are motivated by sexual orientation, and another 4% are due to victims’ sexual orientation. While the two are certainly separate categories, they are frequently lumped together in the nefarious circles that the perpetrators move in. 

We take rigorous measures to ensure that all of our members are safe from bigotry. This includes routine screening of members. A thorough investigation of member complaints can lead to account suspension or expulsion. 

Additionally, we strongly urge members to consider their personal safety by using the messaging feature to get to know someone before providing personal contact information. While no system is impervious to these types of attacks on their members, Zoosk prides itself on being among the safest in the industry. 

The Basic Plan is Free

If you’re a trans person who is searching for the right dating app for them, you may be happy to know that the Zoosk Basic plan is free. It allows you to see members in your area and determine whether Zoosk is a good fit for you. You can easily upgrade to the Premium plan and unlock helpful features like private messaging and enhanced profiles. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Transgender Profile

If you’re a trans person who is new to the online dating world, these tips may help you construct a successful dating profile:

Define Your Dating Goals 

Before you sit down to write your profile, you need to decide what you’re looking for from a dating site. Do you want to meet another trans person for a serious relationship? Are you dipping your toe into the cisgender dating pool? Are you just interested in expanding your circle of friends? Or are you a male or female who wants to date someone who has changed genders? Knowing how you want to be perceived and the type of person you’re looking for is a key element of success. 

List Your Preferred Name and Pronouns

It’s important you set the tone of your dating profile by announcing your pronouns. Pronouns can often be confusing, even for members of the trans community, so make sure you let other members know how you want to be identified. This is also a good screening technique. If a match is sincere, they will learn how you prefer to be addressed as a sign of respect. 

Use Inclusive Language

As a transgender or nonbinary person, you appreciate it when people learn the proper terms for your identity. It’s important to show the same respect for others. If you reference another community, make sure your terminology is current and inclusive. 

Talk About Your Gender Identity

Yes, being trans is an undeniably huge part of who you are. Tell your story. This can include the age when you realized you were truly a different gender, your coming out date, your transition date, etc. It may help other members feel more comfortable if they know these details. Obviously, don’t disclose anything you don’t feel comfortable with. 

Highlight Your Hobbies and Interests 

Your gender identity tells part of your story, but it’s not the only thing people should know about you — at least not if you want to date someone. List interests that have nothing to do with gender identity to add depth to your profile. 

Educate Yourself About Transgender Issues 

If you’re not trans, but are on Zoosk hoping to meet a transgender person, you should absolutely educate yourself to trans issues and terminology. Make sure that you mention that you’re interested in dating a trans person. It will make potential matches more comfortable. 

Don’t Disclose Information That You Don’t Want Made Public

It’s important to remember that we have 40 million members globally. Depending on where you live, that means that hundreds or thousands of locals could potentially see your profile. If you’re not out as trans, you should be careful. Non-members may not be able to access your profile, but many people will. 

Update Your Profile Routinely

Transgender terms and issues are constantly evolving. Make sure the language in your profile is current and reflects your attitude and understanding of trans issues. 

Safety Tips for Transgender Users 

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of ignorance in the world, and many trans people have to deal with irrational hatred. Here are some tips to help you stay safe meeting people on Zoosk. 

  • Use the messaging system to get to know a potential match before meeting them. Don’t disclose personal information until you are certain that this is a person you want to meet. Even then, keep your physical address private until you meet in person. 
  • Schedule a phone or video call before meeting in person. You can learn about a person’s writing, but it’s important you get another sense of them. Many scammers have lied about their identity via text. It’s more difficult to do on the phone or on camera. 
  • Use test questions to determine that the person is really local. “Oh, you’re from the southeast side of town. Have you ever been to [insert the name of a fictitious location]. If they say yes, you’ll know they’re not being honest. You should have a few of these in your repertoire. 
  • Meet in a public place. Do not invite someone to your home or give them your address before meeting them at a public place. Choose a place where you feel safe. 
  • Have a safety person in place. Tell a family or friend where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you are doing it with. Check in when you get there and as often as is needed until you feel comfortable. 
  • Don’t go to the person’s home or any other location without knowing the address in advance. Let your safety person know if you are changing location. 
  • Use the GPS feature on your phone to let your safety person know where you are going. 

Initiating Conversations on Zoosk 

The sad reality is that many people do not read profiles. You may match with a person who has no idea about your gender, even if you have it in your profile. For trans members who are interested in meeting inclusive members, it’s helpful to start the conversation with something like, “Hey, it’s nice to meet you. I just want to make certain you read my profile before we continue.”

Usually, they will respond that they have read your profile, but if they haven’t, you may save yourself a great deal of time and frustration. 

We usually recommend casting a wide net and narrowing your matches from a large pool. This approach also works for the transgender community. You may also want to develop a series of screening questions, like:

  • Have you ever dated someone who’s transitioned before?
  • Is this a true preference, or are you just trying out trans dating out of curiosity?
  • How do you identify?
  • In addition to being trans, do you consider yourself straight, bi, gay, pansexual, etc? This can be extremely important for compatibility.

The more information you can learn from the other party, the better the odds of finding a potential match. 

The Number One Transgender Dating Site

More and more transgender people are signing up to the Zoosk platform. Our transgender dating site encourages inclusiveness, acceptance, and safety. Find out what thousands of other transgender men, women, and non-binary individuals have discovered. Sign up for Zoosk today! It’s free to open an account. 

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