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5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Post Break Up Blues 


Breaking up is hard to do but sometimes coping with the post break up blues is even harder. 

Rediscovering your single self can be a rollercoaster, even when you know splitting up with your ex was the right call. 

So how can you avoid going back to an ex? And what’s the best way to practice self-care after a breakup?

Don’t worry, we’re here to answer all your questions and make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Here’s our advice on how to get through those post break up blues.

How to Navigate the Post Break Up Blues

Cut all contact

So, what’s rule #1 in a break up? Cut all contact. 

Even if you’re hoping to remain friends with your ex down the line, keeping your distance from them when you first split is best. Why? Because it’ll give you the space you need to make a new start. 

Avoid texting, talking, calling, and maybe even block them on social media platforms too. Cutting the ties like this puts you on a faster path to healing.

These measures don’t have to be permanent, but while you’re vulnerable, it’s best not to have their voice in your head or see them on your feed.

Our advice? Set up an emergency contact list that contains all your BFFs and when you’re tempted to contact your ex, call one of them instead.

Distracting yourself healthily like this is key to pushing past the post break up blues.

Let Your Emotions Out

Heartbreak hurts. While it may feel tempting to bottle up your emotions so that you don’t have to accept your new reality, it’s probably not the healthiest game plan.

When you split up with a partner, it’s perfectly natural to feel sad, disappointed, and lost.

Trying to skip past this part of the process can be dangerous. It risks the negative feelings festering and causing trouble down the line. That’s why grieving a breakup properly is important. 

Allow yourself to feel and react however you like. As long you’re not hurting yourself or anybody else, leaning into any reaction that feels natural to you is ok.

Why not invite your friends over so they can help you through your emotions? You can listen to break up songs, watch sad movies, or even get rid of your ex’s things.

Having trusted friends around can make getting over the post break up blues much easier.

Focus on you

Chances are, you lost a piece of yourself in your past relationship. Why not use this time to introduce yourself to the old you again? Or better yet, to discover a whole new side to yourself?

Finding yourself after a break up may feel daunting, but it can also be fun! This is a chance for you to nurture yourself and your passions. Embrace it!

Maybe there’s a hobby you let fall by the wayside once you started seeing your ex? Or a weekend ritual that you stopped paying attention to?

Creating new memories and habits post break up can feel liberating.

Avoid rushing into another relationship

When you’re struggling to get over a relationship, it may feel tempting to start dating again straight away, but should you?

While bouncing into a new partnership may feel like a quick-fix, it rarely is. 

Beginning something new with a whole other person before you’re ready means you probably won’t process your past romance properly. This can cause problems for you, and your new crush, later on.

So instead of distracting yourself by obsessing over someone new, think about what kind of people and friendships you want to concentrate on within this new chapter. 

Surrounding yourself with caring people who you respect can have a huge impact on your well being.

Better yet? It’ll help you realize how special you are and the potential that your future holds.

The Bottom Line

In essence, this time is all about you. It’s perfectly ok to be selfish and put yourself first right now, we even advise doing it! 

Breakups are hard and mourning your loss isn’t just important, it’s necessary, so don’t feel guilty for doing so.

Use this time to do things that bring you joy, whatever they may be, and in time, you’ll be rid of your break up blues and ready to take on the world.

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