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Unlucky in Love? Here are 7 Ways to Break the Cycle

A woman who got over being unlucky in love, laughing in a pile of flowers and grass because now she's happy.

Do you ever feel disappointed with the quality of your online matches? Are you frustrated that the same people keep popping up? Does it feel like nobody responds to your messages? Or, that all they want to do is message? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might be suffering from online dating fatigue.

You’re not cursed, you’re just having a bit of bad luck. But don’t be discouraged — we’re here to help break you out of your dating funk. Try these seven tips to break the cycle and find better dating luck.

1. Re-evaluate your online dating profile.
Look at your online dating profile from the perspective of someone who’s never met you. Does it reflect your true self? Are you accurately representing what you’re looking for from the experience? The more honest you are with the online dating community, the more people you’ll meet who are as interesting and engaged as you are.

2. Make yourself stand out.
Do you collect rare books? Are you an amateur cartoonist? Did you almost qualify for the Olympics in 2008? Let people know! Everyone has their own unique fun facts and experiences that make them, them. Identify yours and use them to your advantage. A memorable story will make you stand out and attract more dates. There’s no shame in flaunting what you’ve got!

3. Rethink your idea of “the perfect match.”
Or better yet, abandon it altogether. If you feel like you’ve hit a dating wall, it’s time to widen your search parameters and consider new people. We challenge you to give someone you normally wouldn’t be interested in a chance. You never know, you might just click with someone.

4. Think positively.
Pop quiz: Do you assume that all potential dates will be bad until they’re proven good? Chances are you’ve felt that way before. Dating is inundated with negative thinking and negative energy. When we fall into a dating slump or have bad experiences back to back, it hurts our outlook on love. Try to find the good in your dating experiences. We know it isn’t always easy, but keeping a positive outlook will likely yield better success.

5. Be proactive.
If you see someone you like, whether online or in the real world, approach them! It’s 2017, and both men and women can ask people out. If you typically wait for people to come to you, switch things up by making the first move. Of course, being proactive goes hand in hand with being respectful. We encourage you to pursue someone you’re interested in. But if they make it clear they’re not feeling it, then respectfully back away and leave it at that.

6. Take a break from dating apps.
Once upon a time, there were no algorithms for love. Daters didn’t swipe on each other or have the luxury of browsing through millions of potential matches. They met through friends, at parties, or—gasp—out in the real world. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with online dating, try taking things offline for a week. Chat up a cute stranger at the park or ask your friends to set you up on a blind date. Remember what it’s like to meet people without being able to hide behind a screen. Then, when you come back to your apps, we bet it’ll change how you use them.

7. Stop looking for a while.
We know the adage You’ll find love when you stop looking is frustrating to hear. Especially when people in relationships say it to their single friends. But there’s a reason the phrase is repeated so often: Because there’s some truth to it. If you’ve tried everything and still have bad luck, stop looking for a while. Maybe, just maybe, the moment you stop approaching things from a “looking for love” perspective, there will be less pressure to click with someone and more room to get to know them naturally.

If you’re feeling unlucky in love and suffering from dating fatigue, try these helpful tips. Switching up your approach to dating, even for just a few days or weeks, could help get you out of a rough patch and back on the road to romance.

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