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Ways to Show Love Without Saying the Words

A couple who knows how to show love, laughing as they hug outside.

Even though the very first time you say, “I love you,” is a powerful moment, sometimes it can become a little redundant. Since actions speak louder than words, it’s a good thing to know how to express love in other ways.

When you love someone, their happiness is your happiness. The two of you should strive to make each other’s lives both easier and more enjoyable. So when you’re trying to express love, don’t forget that your actions will also strengthen your relationship.

Here are some of the best ways you can show someone you love them.

Offer to give them a massage.
For some, physical touch is a great way to show love. If you’re a beginner in the art of massage, perhaps you can look up a few techniques before trying to create a relaxing experience for your partner. You can make your home resemble a spa with soothing noises and a relaxing amount of light. Make sure to put all of your focus on your boyfriend or girlfriend, putting screens and phones away for a little bit.

If you live together, take over their chores for the night.
It’s even better when you do it without asking. Maybe washing the dishes is all part of their nightly routine, but you just so happen to get to them first. They’ll appreciate the fact that they get to have a spontaneous break and a few extra minutes to themselves. Plus, it’s nice to shake up the chores every once in a while.

Get involved in their conversations.
Sometimes when we talk to other people, we wait for a break in the chatter to speak our own minds. It’s normal, but it’s not necessarily healthy. Try to listen to your partner more, and ask follow-up questions to really get immersed in what they have to say. If they’re talking about work or another environment that you’re not technically a part of, ask the questions that’ll help you understand things better. They’ll feel grateful that you want to learn more.

Preorder them a book or album you know they’d like.
When you’re choosing between paying rent on time and checking out the latest Lumineers album, rent usually wins. Preordering a special gift for someone you love shows that you pay attention to the media they like, and also want them to enjoy life to the fullest. There’s nothing greater than a partner who proves he or she is paying attention and cares about your happiness.

Take their side.
If the two of you visit your mom, and your mom is a little harsh about your partner’s lifestyle or choices, make a point not to gang up on your partner. The two of you are supposed to be a team, and siding with your mother will make it seem like you’ll never be able to step out of your childhood. Stand by them and show them they’re not alone. It’ll make them feel both supported and loved. And also, you may want to talk to your mom about the way she expresses opinions.

When they’re feeling down, find the best way to cheer them up.
Is there anything an internet cat can’t accomplish? Letting them vent, and trying to make them smile with a particularly good gif is pretty much the equivalent of a verbal “I love you.”

Order their favorite meal.
If your partner does the cooking, this maneuver will help in multiple ways. Let them choose their favorite delivery or take-out place, and be the one that takes charge and makes sure that the meal flawlessly hits the table. Food can be an incredible comfort, especially if your significant other had a tough day and needs a little more TLC than normal.

Don’t turn down their suggestions.
Maybe they really want to try ballroom dancing, but they’re hesitant to officially ask you since they’d assume you’d say no. (And, they’re not wrong.) When you love someone, you make compromises. It’s not necessarily the activity that’ll be interesting, but the fact that you’re sharing a new life experience with someone wonderful who’ll really appreciate it. When opportunity strikes to go out there and experience life together, try not to say no.

Compliment them on aspects outside of their looks.
Obviously, you have a certain level of physical attraction to your partner, but it’s something else that really made you want to make them your boyfriend or girlfriend. Let them know what you like about them based on the intimate level in which you know them. Anyone can say, “I like your eyes,” but it takes someone special to say, “I admire the respectful way you treat waitstaff at the restaurant,” or “I really like the fact that you’ve naturally become so close to my family.”

There are plenty of ways to say “I love you” without using the words. When you’re really looking for a standout way to tell your significant other that you care, make sure you dig deep into why they’re so special to you in the first place.

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