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50 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

A woman showing a man she loves him using one of these 50 ways to say you love someone.

Saying, “I love you”, bringing home roses, getting a card… those are some of the more common ways to show your special someone that you love them. But there are SO many more ways.

There are just as many ways to show someone you love them as their are people in the world to love. You can use words, touch, small gestures, gifts, time, or routines. Showing the one you love just how much they mean to you can be done in little ways or big ways. But all the ways add up and can really show you care.

Here are 50 more, simple, ways to let your significant other know you love them…

1. Hold hands.
While you’re in private or in public. It shows the person you’re with and the world that you love each other!

2. Take them out on real dates.
Set aside date nights. “This gives you an opportunity to express your love and affection,” says dating and relationship coach, Kemi Sogunle.

3. Plan to stay in.
Take a break from having to go out. “This trend is everywhere from the Nordic idea of hygge (to get cozy) to Netflix and Chill,” says Romance and Lifestyle expert, Anne Chertoff.

4. Choose them over your friends.
Nothing says I want to be with you more than your significant other choosing you over their friends.

5. Ladies, clean up after yourself.
“Get those gross hairs out of the drain. Guys hate that,” says Stacey Greene, Author of “Stronger Than Broken.”

6. Guys, clean up after yourself.
Wash those whiskers, toothpaste, and anything else your girl doesn’t want to see first thing in the morning down the sink.

7. Choose an experience as a gift.
“Give a gift that can be shared, such as tickets to the theater or a wine tasting class,” says Chertoff.

8. Share your dreams.
Your dreams are something powerful and personal. “Opening up about them to your partner shows you trust and love them,” says lifestyle blogger, Amanda Maxwell.

9. Initiate more sex.
Don’t just do it when you’re feeling in the mood, work harder on helping your lover get in the mood. It shows you’re dying to get intimate.

10. Unplug when you’re together.
Focus on your loved one and not your phone. “If that’s too difficult for you, mutually decide on one photo/moment for the evening to put on social. Then fully focus your attention on each other,” says Chertoff.

11. Share words of appreciation.
“Send a love note, a text during the day just because, express acknowledgment, and give appreciation,” says Rebekah Beneteau, a sex and intimacy coach

12. Give her flowers.
Roses are the most popular, but there are so many other varieties. “Try tulips to surprise her. They are just as colorful and beautiful,” says Chertoff.

13. Give a handmade gift.
This is a timeless trend that comes straight from the heart. Handmade gifts will always be treasured because of the time and energy you put into the gift.

14. Leave an encouraging note in their lunch.
Just like mom used to do for us when we were kids.

15. Call or text throughout the day.
“Let him or her know you are thinking about them,” says Sogunle.

16. Always say “Honey, I’m home” the moment you walk in the door.
Or whatever your equivalent is. “Those little things show they aren’t being taken for granted,” says Greene.

17. Make their favorite meal.
“Keep the menu simple; add a great bottle of wine, candles, flowers, and music. It’s about the effort!” says mother-daughter matchmaking duo, Janis and Carly Spindel.

18. Schedule a workout together.
A couple that sweats together stays together, so plan a run, workout class, or hike together. Perhaps even a series or a one-time dance class.

19. Wash your spouse’s car without being asked.
Who doesn’t like watching someone they’re into get all wet and sudsy?

20. Get sexy gifts.
“Gifts such as sexy lingerie (you can even buy them for yourself and wear them as a surprise) are always a fun and unexpected way to spice things up,” says Spindel.

21. Go out with their friends and family.
Nothing says I love you like voluntarily making plans with your S.O. and their family or friends.

22. Bring home their favorite food.
“Even if you’re a vegetarian, buy her favorite meat when it’s your turn to shop,” says Greene.

23. Start a savings account together.
“This lets them know you want a nice long future with them,” says Greene.

24. Support them as they pursue their goals.
“Ask them questions about how their goals are going, ask how you can help,” says Laura VanderDrift, relationship expert and assistant professor of psychology at Syracuse University.

25. Show appreciation for the little things.
Give a gift of love no matter how small it is. It can be anything from a single rose to a favorite candy.

26. Surprise them.
“You can plan a weekend getaway or a trip as a surprise,” suggests Sogunle.

27. Go for a drive.
“My wife is a stay-at-home mom, so she really enjoys getting out of the home, especially going for long drives,” says husband, father and entrepreneur, Ben Fremer

28. Make a photo album.
Print out some of your favorite memories together and put them into an album. Something that you can always flip through and something that always says, I love being with you.

29. Make her/him a priority.
“Answer your partner’s texts no matter what you’re doing. Make time for them first,” says relationship expert, Mary Jo Rapini.

30. Help with the kids!
“[Faith] is our young daughter. I guess my wife feels more loved the more I am involved with our daughter,” says Fremer.

31. Show gratitude.
Say thank you every day for even the littlest of things.

32. Make breakfast in bed.
Not only do they get to stay in bed and enjoy your fabulous breakfast but you can, too.

33. Do at least one thing each week that you don’t necessarily love doing but your partner loves.
This is called sacrifice!

34. Host an event together.
It can be as simple as having friends over to watch a movie. “Hosting an event together is a fun way to play Mom and Dad,” Maxwell says.

35. Prepare a bath.
Imagine how your significant other will feel seeing a nice warm bath waiting for them after a long day at work.

36. Spend quality time together.
Plan a romantic date doing something you both enjoy like a picnic or a walk in the moonlight.

37. Give physical gifts.
“Just make sure it’s something you know your partner wants,” says Beneteau.

38. Listen.
“No matter how small or insignificant their conversation may seem. You don’t need the answers… you just need ears,” says Rapini.

39. Touch them.
“This can be non-sexual cuddling, a caress on their arm as you walk by, or a light massage,” says Beneteau.

40. Book a spa night.
“As a date: co-ed massages are sexy and relaxing,” says Spindel.

41. Send them surprises at work.
In the midst of emails and meetings, who wouldn’t love getting a special delivery from their special someone?

42. Get tickets.
“Take your S.O. to the new show/movie that they’ve been hinting about,” says Spindel.

43. Be vulnerable.
“When you love someone you trust them with your soft side. If you’re guarded or defensive your partner feels rejected,” says Rapini.

44. Share your passions with them.
“Ask them if you can join them doing something you know they love,” says VanderDrift. Or invite them to join you doing something you really enjoy.

45. If you’re religious, pray with each other.
“I think my wife and I both know that our evening prayer is like a way to affirm our marriage commitment each night,” says Fremer.

46. Ask how their day was.
And listen to the answer. Do it everyday to show you really care.

47. Celebrate their success.
When they’ve had a success, even if it’s just a good day or completing a project at work, celebrate it. It shows you’re in it together.

48. Do the chore that they hate.
“I personally HATE breaking down cardboard boxes and my boyfriend knows that and will always do it for me without me even having to ask him,” says Maxwell. Now that’s love.

49. Find things to do together that are new for you both.
“Experience them for the first time together,” says VanderDrift.

50. Write each other love cards.
“When we fight and want to make an apology or just are feeling the love in our relationship, we like to document it in writing with a cute card,” says Maxwell.

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