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24 Anniversary Date Ideas to Knock It Out of the Park

A couple who used one of these anniversary date ideas kissing at sunset.

So it’s getting close to that time when you need to come up with the perfect way to celebrate another year of being with the love of your life. You remembered the anniversary, purchased the gift, and now all there’s left to do is create a fun date the two of you can enjoy.

Whether it’s your second or twentieth anniversary, anniversary dates are treated as the most special date of the year. You want to make sure the date that you come up with is thoughtful, memorable, and something you both have a great time at.

Here are 24 anniversary date ideas to help you explore your options and create the perfect date for the two of you:

1. Going to see you and your partner’s favorite musical artist.
Music is sometimes described as “what feelings sounds like.” What better way to create a memorable date than getting dressed up and attending an unforgettable concert.

2. Having a picnic in the park.
This is one of the most classic forms of dates and you can get creative with it by bringing along all of your partner’s favorite foods and drinks.

3. Returning to the place you had your first date.
This romantic date can bring you back to how you and partner felt when you all first met and how you always want to feel.

4. Creating a meaningful, romantic scene in the bedroom.
You can use items that reference a favorite movie or event, use rose petals and candles, or play romantic music. 

5. Attending a sip-and-paint event.
If you and your partner have always been interested in exploring your creative side, then this should be the perfect date to create something meaningful.

6. Going on a trip together.
If you really want a more extravagant date, flying international and staying in another city could really spice up the romance.

7. Going to a sports-related event that you two love.
Whether you and your partner are into baseball, football, or basketball, this is the date to go for if you want to get your partner excited about seeing his or her favorite team in-person.

8. Going to a cabin or resort. 
This date is great if you’re interested in being surrounded by nature. You can also plan other mini events around this, such as rock climbing.

9. Try a new restaurant.
Having dinner at an upscale or a culturally different restaurant is a great date if you want to get dressed up out of the ordinary and try different meals.

10. Going to an amusement park.
Riding roller coasters, playing games to win stuffed animals, and eating and drinking food that ridiculously bad for you makes for an anniversary date with a touch of classic romance. Plus, you can experience an adrenaline rush and lots of excitement with your partner.

11. Going to a museum.
Museum dates are a good opportunity to learn about something historical or monumental that’s of interest to you and your partner.  They’re also a good place to have longer conversations as you stroll through the exhibits. 

12. Attending a play/musical.
Live theatre, the opera, a symphony, ballet, or other art events you’re both into or have always wanted to try can be a great date. To make it extra special, dress up a little and be more formal. 

13. Going to a festival, fair, or a parade.
Another classic date, fairs or parades can be great people watching and fun places to wander. The weirder the festival, the better. You can meet different people and buy things for each other that you normally wouldn’t buy. 

14. Trying karaoke.
If you like a fun night that’s maybe just a little cheesy and silly, try karaoke. You can pick out songs to sing to each other or battle it out to see who’s got the best performance.

15. Attending a class together.
Your anniversary date could be an introductory class to a new skill you both want to take on, such as a cooking class, ballroom dancing, or an art class.

16. Book a hotel room.
Staying in a resort or hotel and enjoying the different activities the hotel has to offer, such as the pool, golfing, or the sauna is a great getaway. (And just staying in your room the whole time isn’t bad either.)

17. Go to an arcade.
Going to a video arcade place where you can play virtual games, bowl, and be kids again is a youthful and high-spirited option for a date.

18. Touring a city.
Whether it’s your city or another one, sitting back and learning new things with your partner can be fun and insightful.

19. Going to a comedy show.
There’s nothing better than spending the whole night laughing until your stomach hurts. Also known as another classic date, you can try a new comedy club or purchase tickets to see a mainstream comedian.

20. Have a spa day.
Going to the spa and getting pampered massages is another relaxing and special date. Don’t have the money? Create a spa day at home with a few fun products.

21. Go to the zoo.
Visiting the zoo or an aquarium can be interesting, especially if you both love animals. 

22. Go for a cruise.
Going on a lunch or dinner cruise is a nice blend of entertainment. Even taking a quick boat tour of a local bay or lake can be a fun way to get outside and do something different. 

23. Do something outside.
Going hiking, white-water rafting, or fishing are fun dates if you’re looking to bond with nature. Want to make it super romantic? Rent a kanoe or go for a paddle. 

24. Go for a drive.
Going to a beach or driving through back country roads with your favorite music blasting is an old-school but easy date idea.

Hopefully, these anniversary date ideas inspire you to find a new and fun place to go to. Whatever you choose, the date doesn’t have to be a huge extravaganza, just something small and special that shows you put in a little extra effort to show you care. 


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