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1-Year Anniversary Date Ideas to Make It Special

A couple who used these 1-year anniversary date ideas, drinking champagne and celebrating with their dog.

The one year mark is a big deal. By this point, you’ve met each other’s families and may already be thinking about moving in together. For married couples, it means the two of you have overcome one of the hardest years of a relationship and all its obstacles. (Joint bank accounts, I’m looking at you).

Hitting the one year mark also means you’ve probably exhausted all of the restaurants in town and the next town over, so standard dinner and a movie isn’t going to cut it. To make the first anniversary extra special, you’ll want to put a little extra effort into your planning. Here are a few good ideas to get you started.

Revisit the restaurant of your first nice meal together.
If you remember your orders, even better. Reminisce on the conversation, how you got close. This natural attention to detail happens when you’re with someone important. It shows that you knew, even then, that your partner was different from any other dates you’d been with. Returning to the first date spot is about reliving that magic.

Replay your first date at home.
Fancy yourself a chef? Then, r
eplicate that first great meal at home. That wine they loved so much? Make sure you have it. Cooking dinner is already a romantic gesture, so don’t be afraid to bust out the candles and go the whole nine yards. You won’t get every detail right, but try for the key moments and they’ll appreciate the effort.

Book the trip they’ve been dying to go on.
They’ve been talking about going away for a weekend forever, so make it a reality. It may cost a bit more, but if you can afford it show them that they’re worth it. It won’t go unappreciated. If you’re trying to spring the surprise, get them a little trinket that represents the destination on the actual anniversary date. This way you’ll have time to iron out the scheduling

Visit all the local attractions you haven’t been to.
Every town has a number of hidden gems that are great date spots. Whether it’s a tucked away museum or a cool new art exhibit, find them and make an daylong itinerary. If you’re married and building your life in the town, all the more reason to get to know every inch of it. No matter what, you’ll be making memories.

Paint pottery for each other.
There are tons of studios where you and your partner can make pottery, and it’s a great time, not to mention you’re handcrafting your gifts for each other. When your piece is dry (it may not be the same day), you can paint little inside jokes and significant dates on the pottery. Better remember their favorite color.

Go out dancing.
I’m not talking about a night club—I mean ballroom dancing. If you’re a newbie, consider taking a few classes before the big date. If the you’re married but still have two left feet, this is the time to make up for it. Dancing is intimate and, once you get the basics down, incredibly fun. 

Make breakfast in bed with a side of Netflix.
Don’t want to make a big deal out of things? A relaxation date may be your ticket. Prepare a great breakfast for your partner in bed. A bowl of cereal doesn’t count. When everything is prepped, time to catch up on all those important series you’ve fallen behind on. If you’re both constantly busy, this is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all you do for each other and spend some quality time together. Bonus points for the after breakfast shoulder rub.

Hire a professional to shoot photos of you.
The photos don’t have to be cheesy, but it’s nice to commemorate your first year together. Skip Sears and find a local photographer who specializes in outdoor shots. Try to get some that are candid and some that are posed. This could be a start of a new tradition, and you’ll be able to knock out your holiday photos, too. Two birds with one stone.

When you’ve made it through a year with someone, it means they’re someone special. Commemorate the occasion appropriately. Celebration is important, so set a budget, think outside the box, and have fun with it. If you’re doing something memorable together, you’re doing it right.

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