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16 Fun, Cheap Date Night Ideas You’ll Both Love

A couple using one of these cheap date night ideas and sharing pizza at home on the couch.

Dating is a blast, but the costs can add up quick. Naturally, you want to treat the one you love like the king/queen they are, but no one’s made of money. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep date nights fun and affordable without feeling like you’re skimping out. A good dater knows how to date well on the cheap.

Here are 16 date night ideas that won’t break the bank:

Stay at home:

– If you have a video store in your town, make it an old school movie night! You each get a DVD of your choice, order a pizza, and get to the double feature.

– If streaming is more your style, have a movie night the new school way. Just do the exact same as above but stream on Hulu or Netflix. You’ll even save a few more bucks.

– Make dinner together. Sure, dinner at home can run up a tab, but it doesn’t have to. Get some pasta and a cheap bottle of wine, and you have a romantic and inexpensive date night on your hands.

– Give each other massages at home. Couples massages are great, but if you’re looking to save some money, taking turns at home can be just as fun and romantic.

– Host a game night. Including other people in your date night can be a fun way to mix things up. Have everyone bring something to drink or eat and you’ve got a meal while still saving some dollars.

Head into nature:

– Most cities and towns have at least a few parks to explore. Simply go for a romantic stroll and you’ve got a special (and free) date night.

– Have a picnic! It can be as fancy or as cheap as you like. Since you’re looking to save, pack some charcuterie items, sparkling water, a blanket, and head to your spot.

– Have a porch side meal. It counts as nature as long as you’re outside! Eat dinner on your patio over candlelight and it’ll be just like eating at a fancy restaurant.

Get active:

– While it’s not for everyone, the active couples out there can turn the Saturday morning jog into a date. Working out together can be a nice way to spend time together. Afterward, head to a coffee shop for a hot cup of joe.

– Go hiking. It’s free in most places and it’s a great way to see some beautiful vistas.

– Go to the beach. You don’t have to swim depending on the time of the year, but the beach is always beautiful. Climb rocks, build a sandcastle, and run along the coastline. 

Take advantage of local deals.

– Hit up the movie theater for a matinee viewing.

– Go to a community theater or high school play. They’re much less expensive than high end productions.

– Check local listings and deals in the newspaper and online for coupons local events in town. Paint nights, cooking classes, and workshop type dates occasionally offer deals or discounts.

– Go to happy hour. Bonus tip to keep it cheap: just grab drinks and eat at home after.

– Go to an improv night or slam poetry performance.

There are plenty of ways to have a fun but affordable date night. Whether you want to keep it under $20 or 100% free, there’s an option for you. Dates are about spending time together, not about money.

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