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7 Fun And Affordable Day Date Ideas That We Love

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Are you tired of racking your brain for new day date ideas? We get it. While there’s nothing better than a great date, sometimes it’s hard to strike the balance between choosing an activity that’s special and one that doesn’t break the bank. 

Sure, going to a bar or restaurant is nice, but everyone does it! Mix things up by taking your crush on a special activity during the day. Choose one of our day date ideas to have a date that’s easy on your pocket but hard to forget.

Our Guide to Day Date Ideas

Go all out with an indoor picnic 

If you’re looking for the perfect date idea that isn’t ruined by some rain, then an indoor picnic could be your new go-to! You don’t even have to worry about finding a good spot in the park! It’s a playful way to spend some time together one-on-one, without there being any pressure.

If you want to make it a little more interesting, then why not consider building a blanket fort? Or get creative by putting some candles in your room or hanging up fairy lights? Make it cozy! Romance doesn’t have to be expensive, sometimes thinking outside the box is just as attractive. 

You can even prepare some delicious food, making it super affordable. Better yet? There’s no need to worry about dressing up either. You can both stay in your pajamas all day if you feel like it, because who’s going to judge? No one.

Go explore a local town

If you’re looking for a day to remember, why not explore a neighboring town? Spend your date visiting local attractions, shopping, or cozied up in a new coffee shop. 

Taking in new scenery can be relaxing. It can also be quite romantic. You’re both exploring this new place together too, making it special.

Stuck on which neighboring town to visit? Don’t worry. Simply take a look at your map. You’d be surprised at how many great places are right on your doorstep, making for an endless list of day date ideas!

Freshen up your day date ideas with a spa day at home

We all love a trip to the spa but it can be really expensive. So our advice? Do it at home! All you need is some bath bombs and body scrubs. Maybe some massage oil if you’re in the mood to give each other messages! 

Spend time choosing what treatments you’d like to give each other. Maybe even make some homemade face masks! 

Set the mood with some candles and music. You’d be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel. 

Breakfast (date) at Tiffany’s

Who doesn’t like brunch? Nobody, that’s who! Although eating out can be expensive, it’s usually a lot cheaper to eat out for breakfast. And what’s better than starting your day with some good food and good company? 

If things are going well, you don’t need to end it there. Make a day out of it by going for a stroll in the park or shopping after! A breakfast date is a great way to test the waters.

Show off your mini-golf skills 

This activity is one of our favorites. Why? Because it’s a great ice breaker! Say goodbye to awkward silences or first-date conversation starters. Instead, simply relax playing a fun game! Before you know it you’ll both be laughing and feeling at ease.

Mini golf is fun and affordable. It can take up a few hours to play a full game so you’ll have a good idea for how you two connect.

Go to a yoga class together

Calling all health junkies looking for day date ideas! Yoga is really popular at the minute. Not only is it a great way to exercise but it’s a nice way for you two to exercise together. If you’re not a total yogi, so what! What better way to find out if it’s your thing than by doing it with someone special?

Some places offer a free session for newcomers, so it’s easy on your bank account. And afterwards if you’ve both worked up an appetite, why not go for a bite to eat? You’ve earned it!

Movie marathon at home

As day date ideas go, there are few things that beat watching movies all cozied up. It’s super affordable and you don’t even have to stress about what to wear!

Why not binge a TV series that you both watched growing up? Or how about watching that movie you went to see on your first date? 

Whether you’ve been married for years or are taking your crush out on your first date, creating memories is important. And you don’t need a big budget to do it!

The truth is that it’s your connection and conversation that will make the date a special one. And guess what? Good company doesn’t cost you a dime! So plan one of our day date ideas for your next rendezvous and make sure to invite someone special. 

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