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20 Fun, Low-Pressure Double Date Ideas

Two couples hiking together using one of these double date ideas.

Double dates—love them or hate them, you’ll most likely be asked to go on one at some point in your life. Double dates can come up for so many different reasons. Maybe your friend is dating someone new and they have a friend to set you up with—voila, it’s a double date. Or maybe you’re in a long term relationship and your partner has a new coworker she wants to set your mutual friend up with—it’s a double date! Or maybe you and your partner have a few other couple friends who want to, well, go on a date. It’s happening. It’s time to double date.

There are plenty of ways to have a fun, low-pressure double date. Here are some ideas you may want to give a try. 

Food/drink based double date ideas: 

  • Make dinner at home
  • Take a cooking class
  • Go out to happy hour
  • Try the new restaurant or bar near your office
  • Host a cocktail night

Food or drink based dates are a classic for a reason. Most people are able to relax while they eat, drink, and be merry. Doing something food related is never a bad idea. Hanging out at someone’s house is an easy way to keep it low-pressure—there will be no “who is paying for this date” awkwardness. Everyone can bring something over and feel chill in a familiar environment. Though going out out is really fun too. Checking out the new food and drink near your office or home is a great way to evoke conversation and have a chill, but lovely double date.

Active double date ideas: 

  • Indoor skydiving
  • Mini golf
  • A morning hike
  • A group run
  • A tennis match

If you and your friends are active people, maybe a double-date based around an activity is more your style. Something super adventurous like indoor skydiving may not sound “low pressure,” but everyone’s nerves will be unfocused on the date itself and totally occupied with flying through the air. Mini golf is a traditional date, but can be even more fun as a double date. Team up! Morning dates are underrated—especially for people who like to seize the day. Why not make your double date start a bit earlier and head out for a hike to watch the sun rise? Running dates are a great way to spend time together, and provide you with a specific focus to ease the nerves. And you may have too much fun teaming up with your new potential partner to beat your friends in a rigorous (but fun) game of tennis.

Entertainment double date ideas: 

  • The movies
  • The theatre
  • An improv performance
  • A local show or concert
  • The zoo

The most classic date ideas can also be the most fun. Going to drinks and a movie (or a movie then drinks) is always low-key and can be a good way to figure out if you and your date have the same taste as you and your friends. Local shows—improv, music, theatre performances—are another really fun way to hang out and get a good idea of what you may or may not have in common. And when in doubt, the zoo is always there for you. Oohing and aahing over exotic, beautiful, and adorable animals is something so many people can bond over. Also a great option for sharing stories from your childhood.

Sight-seeing double date ideas: 

  • Get out of town
  • Go wine tasting
  • Ride a ferry or boat
  • Go sightseeing
  • Go to a museum

Discovering culture, even if it’s in the next town over, can be really fun—and even more fun with more people. Getting out of town is exciting, even on a quick day trip. The bonus aspect of this double date is the road trip. Riding in a car together, stopping at a diner or coffee stand along the way, makes the date an adventure. There’s something about hanging out in a car that feels relaxing for many people. Wine tasting is a blast as a double date. While you learn about your local wine, you can also discover what you like, what your date likes, and what your friends like. Buy a bottle or two and head out to a picnic afterward. Riding a boat to wherever it’s heading is adventurous and opens up a lot of conversation. Sightseeing is inspirational and awe-inducing—and romantic! Museums are a great double date idea too. Even if you’re quiet in the museum, it will be nice for the four of you to share what you experienced over a nice meal afterward.

Whatever you end up doing, go into this double date with an open mind. You won’t regret it!

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