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Cool Date Ideas To Up The Ante, Impress And Have Fun

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Cool date ideas aren’t always easy to come up with. Although getting a date can be tough, planning one is often even trickier. There’s a lot to think about. What’s too played out? Is dinner and a movie too basic? Is mini-golf too been-there-done-that? What are the options for affordable date ideas that’ll still impress your partner? 

If you’ve found yourself in this stressful position, don’t worry! Below, we’ve put together a few cool date ideas that can help you plan something unique and unforgettable! 

9 Cool Date Ideas for Unforgettable Adventures

1. Go for a drive

Sometimes, the best dates need no planning. Pick a general direction to go in that you know has some scenic views. Then, pack a picnic lunch as a backup, just in case you end up hungry in a spot with no food options. Pick up your date and drive. 

The beauty of this cool date idea is that there’s so much flexibility. What if you stumble across a beach that’s covered in tide pools that just have to be explored? Or maybe you’ll see a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the water. Go and see if you can grab a table. 

Planning every moment of a date means that, even if the date is cool, it’s expected. There’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, but, even if the movie is new, the date is a little stale before you’ve even gotten there. Going for a scenic, unplanned drive means that there’s so much more room for excitement.

2. See a comedy show

Live entertainment can be costly. But, improv and sketch comedy are often some of the less expensive forms. This doesn’t mean that they’re cheap on fun or laughs though. 

If you’ve ever wondered, “what are some cool date ideas near me?”, check out Eventbrite or other local event listings to see if there’s a comedy trope in your area putting on a show. Most likely, there’ll be at least a few to choose from. You’re pretty much guaranteed a few good laughs for the night!

3. Try out some virtual traveling 

Virtual dates are so popular right now. If you’re thinking about cool date night ideas, this is an unmissable option. These days, there’re plenty of platforms that can help you get creative with a date online.  This is a cool date idea that’s truly fun and unique. Even better, it can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch!

4. Take in a local theater show

Of course, for those living in the Big Apple, this is one of the best date ideas in NYC. But, even if you don’t live next to Broadway, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go see a live theater performance. Live shows are quite a bit cooler than just watching people on a screen. 

Plenty of small towns have performance troopers that you can check out. Or, if you’re closer to a city, plan an evening out to where a national tour may be stopping. Either way, it’s a lot more eventful than going to a movie theater and makes for a seriously cool first date idea.

5. Go to a local festival

Keep an eye on local event listing websites to see what kinds of festivals are coming up. There’re plenty of food festivals, film festivals, craft festivals, and so much more. Each one is different enough that you can make multiple dates from them. 

If you get into a habit of heading to a new festival every time one pops up, you’ll end up with quite a few easy-to-plan dates. In most cases, all you need to do is buy a ticket in advance. 

6. Spend a day at a local theme park, fair, carnival, or boardwalk

If you and your partner are the thrill-and-chills types, a cool date idea is to head over to a place where you can get your heart rate up. If you live near a theme park, grab your tickets online, get there early, and spend the whole day riding as many roller coasters as you can. 

Or, if you’re not near a year-round theme park, keep an eye out for any fairs and carnivals that might pop up. Plan on spending an evening grabbing fair food and seeing who gets less dizzy on the Gravitron. If you’re nearing summer and live close to the beach, check to see when the boardwalks open before planning a day soaking up the sun and seeing who has the best aim for balloon darts!

7. Go to the farmers market and cook what you find

Cooking dinner together is a great standby date. But heading to your regular old grocery store to grab your regular old groceries isn’t very exciting. A cooler date idea is to find a local farmers market and buy things that you’re interested in trying. Is there a hard cider there that you’ve never heard of but sounds delicious? Go for it! How about a brie that’s literally made down the street from you? Get that too! 

The goal is to pick up things that you’re excited to eat. The two of you can then plan a meal around them. It’s a great way to spend a day together. Perfect for getting your creative juices flowing while enjoying some very fresh food. 

8. Visit a drive-in

When movie theaters had to hit pause during the pandemic, drive-ins made a comeback. Take a look online to see where the nearest one is. Drive-in dates are way cooler than a regular movie theater because they’re notoriously romantic. 

It’s tough to snuggle comfortably in a movie theater, but it’s much easier in your car. Take out the backseat, add tons of pillows and blankets, and bring a picnic. Even if there isn’t a regular drive-in in your town, there may be pop-ups. Some larger event venues also offer weekly drive-in movies for the local communities. 

9. Rent a kayak

If the weather is nice where you’re at, find a body of water that allows boats and rent a kayak. Getting out on the water is a cool date idea because you’ll likely come across some local wildlife: far more exciting than seeing animals caged up at a zoo. 

Perhaps you’ll see some sunbathing sea lions out on the rocks. Or maybe some playful otters will swim on by. Just remember to keep a safe distance and enjoy observing their beauty from afar. 

Be Flexible, Spontaneous, and Romantic!

The best cool date ideas are often the ones that allow for the most flexibility. Don’t go to the farmers market with a list to check off. Sample things together and plan a meal from there. Don’t go for a drive with a set destination. Drive until you find a spot you want to stop at. Spontaneity helps us truly create dates to remember!

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