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Is Sex Good For Your Health? 9 Of The Top Benefits You Should Know About

Happy man and woman lying in bed together underneath the duvet and holding hands after enjoying the health benefits of sex.

Sex is a big part of our lives. It fosters intimacy, provides instant emotional and physical pleasure, and creates a unique connection between you and your partner. But, when it comes to the benefits of sex, the health perks it can bring are often overlooked. So, if you’re wondering if sex is good for your health, you’re not alone!

Apart from reproduction, maintaining a healthy sex life with a partner can offer many surprising benefits to all facets of your life. And, just like any other physical activity, having sex regularly is good for you. To answer the much-asked question, “Is sex good for your health?”, we’ve outlined 9 of the top health benefits of sex that you might not have known about!

Is Sex Good for Your Health? 9 Perks That Go Way Beyond the Bedroom

1. Strengthens the immune system

A recent study on sexual frequency and illness prevention found that people who had sex 1-2 times a week had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) — the antibody that plays a role in preventing illnesses — in their saliva. Those who had sex infrequently (less than once a week) had significantly less IgA.

Therefore, this study highlighted one of the main health benefits of sex and showed that having frequent sex can strengthen our immune system, helping to prevent potential illness.

2. Lessens pain

Having sex can cause a release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. In fact, a study published in PLoS One found that even looking at a photo of your romantic partner can help significantly ease potential pain. 

If you’re experiencing a significant amount of pain that’s acting as a barrier to sex, try taking the time to really look at your partner instead. Yes, this might not be as good as engaging physically with each other. But it can be one of the great ways to spark intimacy without sex while also helping to relieve pain.

3. Better sleep

During an orgasm, the body releases oxytocin — often called the love hormone — and endorphins. The combination of these hormones can act as sedation, essentially leaving you feeling pretty sleepy post-orgasm. 

Getting a better night’s sleep can help to strengthen our immune systems, prolong our lifespan, and help us to generally feel more rested and energetic during the day. But, a recent study also discovered that better sleep leads to better sex too! That means having regular sex will not only be good for your health, but it’ll also help you to have good sex as well!

4. Improved heart health

As with any form of exercise, sex is good for your heart. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that guys who have sex at least twice per week are at less risk of cardiovascular diseases — like a stroke or a heart attack — than those who only have sex once a month or less. 

So if you’re wondering how often you should be having sex with your partner, this health benefit is a big plus point for upping the number of times you get hot and steamy together!

5. Headache relief

When answering the question, “Is sex good for your health?”, relieving headache pain might not be a benefit that immediately springs to mind. But, a recent study found that having sex can help to ease headaches and migraine pain. In fact, of the participants surveyed in the study, 60% reported having sex resulted in an improvement in their migraine pain.

6. Mental health benefits

Is sex good for your mental health? This is a question that’s commonly asked. Similarly to physical exercise, having sex can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase happiness. Studies have also suggested that regular sexual activity can help to form a good relationship, specifically when it comes to trust and intimacy. Maintaining a steady sex life can also help us to be more perceptive of our partner’s emotions and make us more effective in expressing ourselves.

7. Fosters closer connections

It’s no surprise that couples who’re able to fulfill each other’s sexual desires are more satisfied within their relationship. If you want to foster a closer relationship with your partner, keeping up a great sex life is a big part of this.

Close connections formed through regular sex are partly down that love hormone we mentioned earlier. Not only does oxytocin make us feel tired when it’s combined with endorphins, but the love hormone also plays a key role in developing connections within a relationship.

8. Potentially reduces prostate cancer risk

This can be one of the biggest health benefits of sex for men. The good news for guys is that a study in the European Urology journal found that men who ejaculate more than 21 times per month, in comparison to those who do so 4-7 times per month, were 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer

9. Boosts self-confidence 

Not only is sex good for your health, but it can also help make you look younger. Yes, really! A recent study by Planned Parenthood discovered that those who engage in regular sexual activity — and those who are open about their sexuality and sex lives — look significantly younger than those who have a less regular sex life.

What About the Health Benefits of Masturbation?

The health benefits of sex don’t always have to come from engaging in sexual activity with a partner. Masturbation can offer many of the same, as well as unique, advantages. The main health benefits of masturbation include things like developing a better understanding of your body, increasing your ability for orgasms, and boosting your self-esteem and body confidence. 

Embrace a Healthy Sex Life!

So, is sex good for your health? Yes! Engaging in regular sexual activity can bring so many physical and emotional benefits as well as improve your overall well-being. Some of the top health benefits of sex include:

  1. A stronger immune system
  2. Less pain
  3. Better sleep
  4. Improved heart health
  5. Headache relief
  6. Improved mental health
  7. Closer relationships
  8. Potential reduced prostate cancer risk
  9. Boost in self-confidence

Whether you’re in a just-sex relationship or committed to a long-term partner, communicating and experiencing sexual satisfaction is key to a healthy connection. Be open and confident with each other and you’ll both begin to enjoy the health benefits of regular sex together!

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