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Easy First Date Ideas You Can Try Now

Young couple smiling together while having a picnic in the park as an easy first date idea.

Trying to come up with some fun, easy first date ideas can be tricky. Everyone has high hopes for a successful first date, so it’s not exactly surprising that there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to deciding on what to do. 

A good rule of thumb: Try to make sure the first date is as comfortable as possible for both parties. That way you’re free to be yourselves and enjoy each other’s company. When it comes to easy first date ideas, the simpler the better. 

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite suggestions to get you started.

10 Easy First Date Ideas To Get You Started 

Dine out

As far as first date suggestions go, this is a classic. Everyone loves to eat, and conversing over dinner is a fun and relaxing way to get to know someone. Try a new cuisine together to spice things up, or take your date to your favorite spot to show them a little piece of your world.

Go on a virtual date

Unsurprisingly, virtual dates became increasingly popular during the pandemic. As we move out of it though, virtual dating is still on the rise and is fast becoming one of the best first date ideas. There’re plenty of fun things you can do online together, from watching a movie to cooking a new recipe. Best yet, you can do all of this from the comfort of your sofa!

Go for a walk in the park

Going for a walk in the park is a really easy first date idea. And — in the post-pandemic dating era — it can be a safe way to have a date, especially for those who’re a bit nervous about returning from social distancing. 

Keeping six feet apart is a breeze as you chat with your date and admire the beautiful nature around you. Bonus: walking while talking will also diminish any first date jitters you might have.

Have a picnic

Having a picnic outdoors is an easy-yet-romantic first date idea that can be less intimidating — and cheaper — than a first date at a restaurant. Make it fun by shopping for food at the local grocery store or sandwich shop and buying a nice bottle of wine. Just don’t forget to bring a blanket!

Play some board games

Board games can be great first date ice breakers. Whether you play a classic game at home or something a little more complicated at a board game café, a little friendly competition is a great way to keep things flirty and fun on a first date.

Take a cooking class

This is an easy first date idea that can be done virtually or in-person, whatever your preference. Stick to a cuisine you both like or maybe get a little adventurous and try your hand at cooking something completely out there. Afterward, let the romance continue and take your delicious dinners to-go.

Sing it out at karaoke

This option might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for an easy first date idea that screams adventure, then this is an option for you. 

What could be considered a little scary might also be something really fun and exciting. Just try not to judge one another’s taste in music right away. It is karaoke after all. The music is supposed to be bad!

Go for a jog together

Little known fact: couples who workout together typically stick. So going for a jog on your first date might actually increase and deepen your connection. Besides that, it’s a great way to get those endorphins up!

Visit a bookstore

You can tell a lot about someone based on the books they read. Visiting a bookstore together while picking out your favorite reads is a good way to bond as well as to discover something new about each other. Who knows, you might even find a new book that you can’t wait to read together.

Make dinner together 

There’s something really romantic about cooking dinner together. You have all five senses working, not to mention you’ll both be working as a team. 

Cooking together is also a good read on your compatibility. Do you both love the same foods and types of cuisine? Better yet, do you like each other’s cooking? Better to find out sooner than later!

Choose What Works for You

When it comes to easy first date ideas, you want to choose simple activities that build on connection and take a look at your compatibility. Don’t overthink it. Just have fun and try not to let those first date nerves get the better of you. Chances are, with these ideas, date number two will be a real possibility!

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