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9 Places to Go on a Date You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

A couple trying to win a stuffed animal at the fair--one of these places to go on a date.

There are a lot of bad date ideas that have been around for far too long. Who thought movie theater dates were a good idea? You sit side by side, not talking for two hours. And, especially on a first date, where you need to get to know the person better, it helps to be able to chat a bit. And coffee shop dates? Bad idea for the opposite reason. You sit with no stimulation but each other for two hours. Especially if you’re just meeting, that’s a lot of pressure to find something to talk about for so long. Even just one hour would be hard.

The best date ideas are about finding a balance between activity and privacy. To help you out, here are a few ideas for places to go on a date that you probably haven’t thought of:

Have a Game Night
Whether you’re into video games or board games, you can have an amazing night out. Check your area to see if there are any arcade bars to have some throwback Pac-Man fun in. Challenge each other to an air hockey match for the ages. Or visit a board game cafe and invite some friends along to make it a double date. Settlers of Catan brings everyone together, right?

Hit Up Eventbrite
Download the Eventbrite app and search for inexpensive (or even free) things to do in your area. Scroll through together and make a list of events coming up that you’re both into, even if they’re out of your comfort zone. You might find free classes or cheap show tickets to something that becomes your new favorite thing.

Find Puppy Friendly Events
Whether you want to bring your own dog or just play with your date’s dog, dates with dogs can be a fun idea. Check out Bring Fido for a list of events in your area. You’ll find plenty of Yappy Hours where you can drink up and pet pups. Or Dogfests to celebrate all dogs!

Jump Into It on the Trampoline
Indoor trampoline parks are popping up everywhere. And they’re not just for kids. Challenge your date to trampoline basketball or a flipping contest. Or just jump around and try to double bounce each other all night. Just don’t try to jump and kiss. It might sound romantic, but nobody wants a split lip.

Find the Weirdest Museum and Check It Out
If you’re a city dweller, there are a lot of museums just around the corner. And art museums are always nice but they aren’t super interactive. Go off the beaten path and find a museum that’s a bit more interactive. There’s a museum for everything, from ice cream to colors to Pez dispensers. Or check out your local science museum! Many have night events just for adults, as well.

Lock Yourselves In a Room
No seriously, lock yourselves in there….and then try to escape! Head to an escape room and work together to find your way out. It’s perfect for the couple that loves a good challenge. And, if you do decide to give up, just spend the time together!

Time Travel
Dress up for a night on the town. Where, you ask? You should be asking when! Head to a speakeasy in your best flapper attire. Or dress in your best 70s fashion for a disco party. Or go grunge for a 90s themed club night. Take a look through Eventbrite for decade themed parties or just do a search for some clubs in your area that are happily stuck in the past.

Geek Out and Get Your Drink On
Nerdy dates are the best dates. You lay all your cards on the table and let your partner know just what type of nerd you are. Because we all want a best friend and partner that matches our inner nerd. Go on a geeky bar or cafe crawl that fits your inner nerd. There are plenty of themed bars in big cities like Beetlehouse in LA or NY for Tim Burton nerds or the Scum and Villainy Cantina in LA for the Star Wars aficionado. Or, if you’re not in a city, check out more bars that aren’t themed so much as they are just total nerd hubs.

Hit Up a Pop-Up
Whether it’s a pop-up restaurant or store, pop-ups are always a good break from the norm, because they can’t exist for long anyways. Facebook is a good place to start looking for pop-ups and adding them to your calendar. There’s tons of different kinds, plenty themed and plenty not so themed. Find one totally out of the box and check it out.

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