4 Ways to Make a Good Impression on the Parents

A family cheersing around the Thanksgiving day table.

So the moment has come for you to meet your significant other’s parents on Thanksgiving Day. You obviously don’t want to come across like a stressed-out Winona Ryder from Stranger Things. Your goal is to be powerful and to make a statement like Wonder Woman (just minus all the heavy gear). The perfect impression on the parents will seal the deal not only with your significant other but also with their family.

Thanksgiving is the ideal opportunity for you to show them who you are. Here are 4 ways to make sure the parents think you’re amazing:

1. Engage in conversation and avoid awkward silences.
Remember, introducing you to the family is a big deal so why not take this opportunity and face it with self-assurance and pride. There is nothing more captivating to a family then when the girlfriend or boyfriend asks questions and fills the awkward silences that take place between big sips of red wine. This will only add more merit to your relationship, and also make an excellent impression on the family on Thanksgiving Day.

2. Speak the truth and tackle challenges.
We all know there is always the one family member at the dinner table that may question your relationship with his or her family member. You can win them over by letting them know a little more about yourself and sharing details about how much you care about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sure this may seem divergent from the usual approach of saying very little, observing, judging, and probably drinking to much Malbec as a result. But it will let the family know more about who you really are.

3. Be personal but be also be authentic.
Representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or the person identified.

Share something about yourself like some of your family history and its importance, something alluring like a hidden talent, or even something fun you recently did with your significant other that made you enjoy that moment. By sharing these things you’ll let the family know how much you love spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend and that you’re not just another new face.

4. Remember, they’re nervous to meet you too.
Sure you’re nervous but also remember the family you’re meeting could be shy or nervous as well. One of the ways you can make them feel comfortable is by listening to what everyone present has to say and being there in the moment. Remember, it’s not all about you, they are also involved in this gathering. Be empowered and know you can win them over.

You are a fantastic person, and they will love you at the end of it all. Why? Because you are entirely able to impress his or her family with your integrity and charm.

You will win them over trust me!

Believe in yourself! Why?

I believe in you!

Joe Palermo

Writer and Dating Expert

Joe is a writer and dating expert based in San Francisco, California.

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