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Single Parents Dating: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Single parents dating these days can have a hard time jumping back into the single life. For many, online dating is completely new. For others, the tough part is meeting in person. International dating expert Hunt Ethridge outlines the five tips single parents dating today should know to get started the right way. Check out his video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript:
Hello, my name is Hunt Ethridge. I’m an international dating and relationship expert based here in New York City.

Now, did you know that there are over 12 million single parent families in the U.S.? So, if you’re a single parent looking to date, understand that you’re not alone. There are millions of others just like you looking to find someone special. But I know that it can be extra difficult as a single parent dating, so I wanted to put together this video with some tips on how to make it easier for you to date as a single parent.

#1: Embrace your anxiety and fear.
Re-entering the dating world after a long break or divorce can be complicated and difficult. But when you feel that way, think about all the things you do for your kid on a daily basis. Whether it’s baking hundreds of cookies for a bake sale, nursing a sick kid back to health again, or making a volcano for that awesome science fair project. After thinking about that, grabbing a coffee with a cute stranger and some conversation doesn’t seem so daunting now, does it? So take a deep breathe, tell yourself you got this. Because you do.

#2: Put yourself first when it comes to dating.
In the every day world, you put yourself second and your kids first, which is the way it should be. But in the dating world, you need to put yourself first. Talk about your passions, your ideas, and your beliefs. Your date wants to learn about you and who you are. Not the type of parent you’re going to be. That comes later. So if they ask you about the latest movie you saw, even if it was a Disney or Pixar movie, don’t mention it. Instead, talk about a movie you saw after you put your kids to bed. Having more adult-themed conversations lets them know more about you, which is crucial in the early stages of dating.

#3: Maximize your time by online dating.
As a single parent, you don’t have the time or inclination to be going out to the bars every weekend to look for singles. With online dating, you can chat and meet other singles in the convenience of your own home. Plus you also don’t have to commit to meeting someone unless you guys have already hit it off online first. So if you’re not online, go ahead and try it. And if you are online, remember that you’ve got to put some time and effort in to get the best results. Just having an online dating profile alone isn’t going to help you find love.

#4: For your first date, keep it somewhere easy and in an accessible location.
For my clients, especially the single parents, I caution them to keep it simple. Try to avoid the fancy five course restaurants, the movies, the shows, etc. for another time. Choosing a great, normal, everyday activity is an easy way to help you relax and take it easy. Plus if it’s not going well, it’s much easier for you to leave the date. Going to a great local coffee shop like this one is a perfect first date spot. Or grab a quick lunch on your lunch break. Or grab a glass of wine right after work at a wine bar. Save the time-consuming fancy restaurants, movies, and other stuff for your second or third date.

#5: Avoid bringing your kids into the mix until it starts getting serious.
While it’s totally okay to mention that you have kids on or before the first date, you should try to avoid introducing your kids to your date until you’re sure it’s getting serious. 63% of members from the online dating site Zoosk surveyed also felt the same way, saying that you should only introduce your kids to your date after a few months of dating, or when it starts getting serious. By doing this, you’re not putting yourself first; you’re just trying to avoid a situation where your kids could get attached to your date if they decide not to stick around.

There you have it. Those are the 5 tips to keep in mind if you want to get yourself back out there and meet someone special that you can eventually introduce your kids to.

If you’ve got any other questions about dating as a single parent, leave a comment below. If you found this video to be helpful, pl

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